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Full Version: RFK And Watergate
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Reading Lisa Pease's "A Lie Too Big To Fail", a thought crossed my mind. Something that's been bubbling in my mind for quite a while now.

In the last part of the book, she makes a case for Robert Maheu being the Mastermind behind the assassination of Robert Kennedy. And it's a very good case indeed. Down to Maheu telling Don Nixon, Richard's brother, that the deed was done. And that brings me to...wait for it...Watergate. You see, it's important to remember whose papers were being sought in that break-in.

Those were the papers of Larry O'Brien, who was at the time chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The official story says that the burglars broke in looking for dirt on various candidates. But what is not mentioned is this: At the time of RFK'S assassination, Larry O'Brien was working with the Howard Hughes operation. With Robert Maheu. And if I'm not mistaken, they shared an office at the time.

From "A Lie Too Big To Fail":

"Bob Maheu called to ask about the Don Nixon meeting and suggested 8:30 for breakfast at the Desert Inn Country Club. I went to the club. Maheu was all smiles, and Don Nixon walks in all smiles."

"What followed next had to be seen to be believed. They embraced each other and Don Nixon said, 'Well, that prick is dead," and Maheu said, "Well, it looks like your brother is in now." At the time I did not even know what they were talking about.

"Maheu joked that they should now be calling Don Nixon 'Mr. Vice President'."

"I still did not realize that Robert Kennedy had died and when they saw that I was unaware Maheu told me, 'John, you are out of it. Why don't you go home and Don and I will carry on without you'"

The above was from John Meier's diary. Meier was very close to both Maheu and O'Brien. And Howard Hughes himself. To wit: Don Nixon knew that Maheu had conspired to kill Robert Kennedy. And if Don Nixon knew, Richard Nixon CERTAINLY knew. The two were extremely close.

Which leads us to WATERGATE. I believe that those "burglars" were looking for O'Brien's papers for a far different reason than the official story opines. They weren't looking for dirt on candidates. They we're looking for dirt on ROBERT MAHEU. Robert Maheu and possibly Larry O'Brien. They were looking to erase any connection between Maheu, O'Brien, and the Hughes organization to the RFK assassination.

Nixon, as I stated before, almost CERTAINLY knew about this. And it may explain why he then used the JFK assassination to try to strong-arm the CIA into helping to cover up Watergate. "Bay Of Pigs=JFK assassination". My personal feeling, just based on years of research on both Kennedy assassinations and Richard Nixon's career, is that Nixon had intimate knowledge of BOTH assassinations. I have detailed his knowledge of the RFK assassination above.

And why do I think he had deep knowledge of the JFK assassination?

Simple. It's spelled "Allen Dulles".

Nixon and Dulles were close. VERY close. And it has been reported that Nixon and Dulles were in Dallas around the same time, a week before JFK'S assassination. David Talbot makes an excellent case in "The Devil's Chessboard" for Dulles being the brains behind the assassination.

Larry O'Brien had also been postmaster general. And he had prior dealings with the CIA. It would not have been unfamiliar turf for him at all.

To sum up:

Robert Maheu was likely the contractor behind the RFK assassination. Larry O'Brien worked with Maheu closely during the time when RFK was killed. Don Nixon, Richard's brother, knew this through Maheu himself. Richard Nixon likely knew what went down through his brother. And those so-called "burglars" were looking for anything related to O'Brien's relationship with Maheu and anything having to do with RFK'S assassination.

Their purpose was to totally erase any connection between Maheu, the Hughes organization (Hughes=CIA), and the Robert Kennedy assassination. And it's likely that Larry O'Brien was a major linchpin between the above mentioned events.

Richard Nixon, knowing most of the specifics of both assassinations, attempted to use the JFK assassination to bludgeon the CIA into going along with the Watergate cover-up. Both killings were the SOLE reason that Nixon was President. And the CIA then had Nixon removed from the presidency.

Just my two cents 😉