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Full Version: Mailer's Tales of the JFK Assassination
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The question of locating it at Weisberg's Hood archive came up at EF, solved by visiting the wayback machine, but there's no need to do so. It's present in the active archive, although not where it should be in the Mailer Manuscript folder.

Instead it can be found a level higher in the file hierarchy, consisting of two sets of word docs, unknown if they add up to a complete ms.

A disheveled archive, difficult to navigate for sure!
Thanks for that Milo.

I would have never found it.
I got as far as in quest for truth and my head started to spin.
Who cares? He pretended to care during the HSCA and to that end threw a huge party/fund raiser at his home. I was there with my then bf Harvey Yazijian, of the Assassination Information Bureau. He had us- AIB and sig. others -back for an all day lunch the next day. I was impressed. (Curtailed my threat to ask him about stabbing his wife).
Then he wrote THE book. Utter trash. Ya he had IRS problems. So what. His legacy is found in Oswald's Tale. Purposeful lies because he knew better. The worst kind of fiction.
I've never forgiven or forgotten Mailer's miserable role in the murder by his acolyte ex-con Jack Abbott of an unassuming employee in Greenwich Village who told him that a restaurant rest room wasn't open to the public. He directed Abbot to another place. Abbott stabbed and murdered him for his trouble. As far as I know, Mailer never expressed any regret at loosing this killer on the public, or apologized to his fiancee. Last I heard, she never married. Good on ya, Norm!!