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Full Version: John T Martin: Filmed on same reel: Edwin Walker's Home, Oswald NOLA Leaflets Distribution
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For reasons not adequately explained, Paul Trejo describes John T Martin as Jack Martin, further blurring the lines between the two Jack Martins investigated in connection with the JFK Assassination and film maker and US Post Office supervisor, John Martin.
The Jack Martin of Louisiana investigated on the afternoon of the Assassination by SS NOLA SAIC John Rice moved later to Minnesota, as did Post Office safety program manager John Martin, transferred from Dallas after 1963.

It is unavoidable this new research is an early Christmas gift for Paul Trejo, but I found the politically extreme opinions of this 17 year old so surprising, unusual, and troubling, considering the coincidence of what he allegedly managed to capture on a single short film reel, I am presenting this for broader consideration, immediately. If still living, this is a person of interest who Gary Mack should have insisted on interviewing to provide context for the film Gary accepted on behalf of the museum. To his credit, Gary only had access to, if anything, Martin's self described "turn around," sourced from Gary Schoener.

John T. Martin a St. Paul Minnesota High School senior in 1963, filmed inside Edwin Walker's leased Turtle Creek home and on the same film reel on August 9, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans.

I've found background on this John T. Martin. In 2012, I brought Weisberg's younger friend Gary Schoener to Trejo's attention. Since then, Trejo is a self proclaimed expert on what he mislabels as the "Jack Martin" film. Until now, a John T. Martin born in California on November 9, 1943, was presumed to be the young film maker. This birth date validates Gary Schoener's 2012 recollection of his 1968 encounter with John T Martin of St. Paul, who Gary recalled Martin permitting him to borrow the original short film and make copies for himself and Harold Weisberg. The two researchers either did not know Walker's home interior was also in the film, or were too intent on hoping to study and identify faces near or accompanying Oswald in NOLA contained in the film.

I was uninformed until yesterday that a high school, much less an RC religious school, could be as heavily militarized as the one John T Martin graduated from in 1963. Considering Gary's 2012 recollection (as told to Paul Trejo), it is unlikely John T Martin ever served , officially under Gen. Walker, since he was not born until 1945 and his presence in 1963 in St. Paul is now accounted for. If Gary remembered accurately, what does this say about Martin claiming in 1968 to have reversed his intensely right oriented, political orientation.

Martin is last accounted for, so far, in a High School alumni bulletin as a donor, no more recently than in 2013. From the 2004 and 2018 obituaries of the father and older sister of John T Martin, d.o.b. 11/09/43, I located him in Minneapolis and a neighborhood newsletter interview of him describes his 1962 high school graduation and four following years in U.S. Navy service, including in the October, 1963 naval blockade of Cuba.

You can't make this stuff up. Were Oswald, Martin, and Walker all playing on the same team? Was Oswald working to "flush" these "types" out?
Or, considering DPD recovered "evidence" of Oswald surveillance of Gen. Edwin Walker's residence, including the image below from Jesse Curry's 1969
book, were Oswald and John T. Martin set up as patsy "book ends," two young men of opposite extremes, on paper at least, to be presented to fill the role many suspect Oswald was positioned to fill. If reasonable to consider, expediency influenced whoever managed the "tool kit," to leave Martin in reserve.

[Image: EdwinWalkerDrivewayBlackedOutLicensePlate.jpg]

[Image: 39454444_10214617284680059_2860805208227...jpg?_nc_ca]
Not revealed until published in Curry's 1969 book, (note the presence of a license plate aka Tag) among photos of allegedly recovered Oswald possessions
[Image: OswaldWalkersDriveway1957ChevyCurryBook.jpg]


...Cretin was founded 148 years ago in 1871 as a secondary school for boys by the Christian Brothers. In the late 1800s, the school incorporated a mandatory program of instruction grounded in the tradition of a military institute, which makes it one of the oldest such programs in the United States. Instruction included lessons in leadership, close-order drill and ceremonies, and numerous other strictly non-combat-related instruction designed to instill a sense of discipline and order in all aspects of student life. The National Defense Act of 1916 created the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), a more formalized program of instruction with national oversight for training standards and a provision for active duty and retired soldiers and officers as instructors. Cretin's "military program" became one of the very first Junior ROTC (JROTC) programs in the country, and participation remained mandatory for all students until the early 1980s, when it became voluntary.[SUP][4][/SUP][SUP][5][/SUP]...

[Image: EdwinWalkerJohnTMartinCretinHSstPaul1963.jpg]

Minuteman Membership List: ( @ bottom of page)
[Image: EdwinWalkerMartinWeathermanCRP.jpg]

Sixth Floor museum copy of Martin film allegedly given to Gary Mack by Martin, on condition no contact details of Martin be disclosed.

There is no way to confirm the Sixth Floor Museum presents the entire film. Martin suspected it was altered, in reaction to re-viewing the original and then only reel after the FBI returned it to him in late January, 1964, after borrowing it in response to his offer to the FBI for a review. NOLA FBI claimed it was not found to be useful. The address of this film maker was 1752 Iglehart, as well.

From: Gary Schoener

Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2012 7:17 AM

To: Paul Trejo

Subject: Re: Seeking the 1968 companion of Harold Weisberg...

Yes, the person is me. I was a longtime friend and co-worker with Harold. The comment about John Martin being a "student" makes me wonder whether my memory is correct. I remember him as late 20's or early 30's, but that was a long time ago. My memory was that we encountered him when he phone a radio station, not at a talk -- he called into a radio show that Harold and I did together. (I had arranged for Harold to speak a the U. of Minnesota, but believe that the radio show which followed was where we heard from him).

Ironically, on that same show a photography professional whose last name was Patsy called in and he ended up taking the Martin film and printing it out. That's how we discovered that LHO appeared to be paying attention and possibly even gesturing to someone else walking parallel to him. One figure in the film was very fat and Harold immediately remarked it looked like Dean Andrews, although there are a ton of fat people in NO and there was no way that you could see his face.

The only things I recall were that John was formerly a right-winger who was a member of the John Birch Society and the Minutemen, but somehow serving under Gen. Edwin Walker in Germany caused him to become a pacifist and have to be dischrged from the army.

The film was taken on a family trip and the other segment on it showed the zoo in NO.

We did go to his home, but I have no idea where that was. I don't even know if it was in Mpls. or St. Paul.

He took it to the FBI who copied it, but did not realize until we examined it that the FBI had returned a copy, not the original. He believed that what they gave back to him was edited but was not 100% sure. He thought some footage was missing.

Gary Schoener
[Image: 52731346975_7fd674cb51_b.jpg]

Mrs. Doris M Martin business machine operator Northwest Airlines

[Image: 52722871805_369233ccf4_z.jpg]

John T Martin attended 50th Cretin High School reunion in 2013. He was a student at St. Mark's Catholic elementary school
in St Paul before attending Cretin H.S.

Justice Education Faith in Action - Cretin-Derham Hall
Aug 17, 2013 — 40 Cretin Class of 1963 Raises $224,959 ... this publication with other alumni/ae in your family. Board of Directors ... John T. Martin.
Page 24 Annual giving ...;. John Martin ’63

Some believe in error that 79 year old USN Veteran John Timothy Martin is film maker John T Martin

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