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Full Version: AA Flight 77 at the Pentagon: The Final Story About the Attack on the Pentagon
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Sorry, They are good people on that video and mean well, but they are WRONG. I don't have the energy or time now to post the better evidence for the much more likely story, but it was a bunker-buster missile that hit while a military version of civilian plane flew just over the Pentagon. Even the taxi driver who had one of the lamp posts go through his windshield eventually admitted he was paid to tell it happened 'naturally', when it was planted there along with his pre-smashed car. The initial hole was only about 4 meters wide and the debris outside and in was totally inconsistant with a commercial plane - and why were all the videos confiscated?! I could go on and perhaps will some other time. In case it was discovered, the bunker-buster rocket was either a real Russian one or made to look like one. There were also explosives inside timed to go off at two times: when the bunker-buster hit and shortly after, when the much larger hole developed and most inside were injured and killed.