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Full Version: The Book Depository as a Potemkin Village
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A careful study will bring the reader to understand that Depository employees Roy Truly, Jack Dougherty, Bill Shelley, Billy Lovelady, Wesley Frazier and Lee Harvey Oswald aided and abetted the Depository assassination team. And subsequently framed Oswald for the murder of the President.

Without a confession from Wesley Frazier, I doubt a more succinct picture will emerge, of what really went on inside that building on November 22nd.

I'm really proud of this effort. A lot of hard-won expertise went into its composition. I hope you find time to enjoy it sometime soon.
57 years after a President was gunned down in front of the Book Depository, its superintendent's characterization of an employee who was alone inside the building, who claimed not to watch the motorcade, who freely admitted he was in proximity to the sniper's nest just before and just after the shooting, who begrudgingly admitted he was the one who took that west freight elevator down- an excerpt from that characterization is still a closely-guarded United States secret.

Our suspicions only amplify when we understand that Dougherty gave a prepared alibi to the Dallas Police.