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Full Version: Background on the War in Ukraine from Russian aggression.
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I think a video well worth watching. I don't agree 100%, but I agree with most of what is said - a better and more historically accurate history than most you'll hear. Posner is a very interesting person - born in USA, grew up in USSR, he admits to being an intellectual propagandist for USSR, and now is speaking his mind against 'both' sides.

Again, not a talk I'd 'back' 100%, but maybe 95% as the one above - and a perspective Americans and those in Europe's 'West' never get to hear or consider.
I am originally from the USA, but currently live in Prague. The Ukrainian War is just down the highway, literally. One could drive to the Ukraine in about seven hours - and it is only that slow due to bad and small roads. Czech Republic as of today [March 21, 2022] has about 350,000-400,000 Ukrainian refugees....mostly in Prague [pop. 1 million]. If one goes to the main train station, it looks like a colorized version of WWII footage of refugees fleeing, except for the modern footwear and mobile phones. The Czech Government, like the other EU nations [for the most part] have offered all Ukrainian refugees an automatic 3 year visa, work permit, FREE healthcare [take note people from USA!], schooling for free for all - and in Ukrainian for children!...and more.

Personally, I am heartbroken by this War and the death and destruction it has brought and will continue to bring. Is Russia guilty of naked aggression, the crime of War, war crimes, perhaps genocide - I would say YES! But, we in the USA and 'West'/NATO did the same in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Nicaragua, former Yugoslavia and on and on.... No side is innocent and ALL must be condemned. Putin is a madman and would-be if not nearly completely dictator. Trump was a madman and would be dictator...and remember Trump was fucking around with Ukraine and defensive weapons for Ukraine.

Yes, there are some fascists in the Ukraine, as there are in Russia and the Western nations. There are also about 400,000 Jews in the Ukraine including the democratically elected President. Ukraine has a very complex and ugly/difficult history - including during WWII...too complex to go into just now. But, they always wanted to be independent. After the break up of the USSR the Ukraine had the 3rd largest number of nuclear weapons, and both the USA and Russia were alarmed about that. There was a treaty in which the USA and Russia and others participated and the 'deal' was Ukraine would give up all nuclear weapons for guarantees of territorial integrity. So, Russia is doubly wrong in this war or in saying that the entire country or government is 'Nazi'.

This War could easily spread to other countries and even become a [short] nuclear war - ending life as we know it for a few hundred years or more; killing most humans and other life on the Planet.