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Full Version: Selverstone's Book
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Mark Selverstone released a book last year about Kennedy and Vietnam.

I just started reading it today.  In 22 pages I made 7 pages of notes, almost all of them negative.

Its called "The Kennedy Withdrawal: Camelot and the Commitment to Vietnam".

Whenever I see the word Camelot in a title, like Hersh's piece of junk, i have an unsettling moment or two.  Since I know the guy is going to use that in a demeaning way.

For instance, Kennedy had no commitment to Vietnam and Peter Scott showed that decades ago. 

Selverstone's introduction is a real piece of alchemy.  He does everything he can to turn Kennedy into a Cold Warrior.  In this day and age that is ridiculous.

And then its off to the races.. Man, what he does with Congo is mind bending.

This is going to be a really painful read.  But I will endure it.
Thanks for doing that Jim. Some one has to. I'm glad its you.
Here is the review of Selverstone.

Selverstone has so many problems that even thought this may seem to be a long review, it is not.

It could have been twice as long and still not covered everything that is wrong in his book.
I read the entire article...

We live in the Litwin age of nervy, primitive revision...Crude propaganda conspicuously designed to cover-up the real reason they don't want to admit....

    I have a friend who was raised on the left-wing politics of the main left-wingers of the 1970's by his mother...Because my friend's views were heavily derived from Chomsky I was shocked when he laid in to Kennedy as being a crass pro-war right-winger no better than other US presidents...I told him that he better read DiEugenio & Douglass...

It is fairly clear that JFK's experiences with Algeria and Gullion, combined with his trying to get ahead of the Cold War for a final resolution that prevented nuclear war, led to his Viet Nam policy...A policy that could be viewed by paranoid reactionaries as appeasing communism, which, in turn, would lead to Executive Action on their behalf in Dallas...It should be pointed-out that JFK's policies ended up being the correct path and how things later turned out...To deny Kennedy due credit for this is a crime against history, moral order, and Kennedy's status as the true hero he was...

   Kennedy's true Viet Nam policy is not the only thing being ignored in the Kennedy research world...