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Full Version: US intelligence sent Afghan mercenaries into Iraq, to attack Iraq’s civilians and military.
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Video interview here.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen in the US claims American intelligence sent Afghan mercenaries into Iraq, in order to attack the country’s civilians and military personnel.

Madsen says the Afghans were recruited from the Taliban and were paid for their services.
“A very credible Western intelligence source that was stationed in Iraq in 2007 reports that during that year a 40 foot long tracker trailer was stopped in Baghdad by Iraqi police officers. When they looked in at the back of the trailer they found 30 to 40 Taliban “guerrillas” who said they were brought in by the US to stir up trouble in Iraq, to attack civilians and coalition forces“.
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According to the journalist, when the Iraqi police attempted to detain them for further questioning the US military commanders told them they let them go.