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Full Version: Secret and unusual places of geographical interest for UK residents and visitors.
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[Image: burgh-map1.gif]

[Image: newbury-thumb.gif]
NEW! Secret Bases is now hosted in a former
USAF nuclear command and control bunker
alongside old Cruise Missile storage silos!

[Image: ash-3d-thumb.gif]Cold War nuclear
bunker upgraded
in 2009 for
secret data centre

[Image: barford-thumb.gif]Giant Voice
Terror early warning
system within CIA
transmitter site

[Image: mos.gif] How I found new
top secret
spy centre

[Image: john-sawers-santa.gif]MI6 Chief On Facebook
Yes – it WAS me who provided
THAT world news exclusive!

[Image: GCHQ-benhall.gif]NEW — A funny
thing happened
on the way to the
GCHQ Doughnut

[Image: cia-rendition-thumb.gif]CIA rendition flights
into UK RAF base
caught on
Google Earth

[Image: islander-thumb.gif]Islanders Ahoy!
Spy planes spotted
circling over London
intercepting comms

[Image: birdlip-thumb.gif]Plans and maps
of new secret
GCHQ test facility
hidden in a forest

[Image: corsham-ccc-thumb.gif]Corsham
Computer Centre
secrets revealed

[Image: hawk-thumb.gif]UKMFTS
UK Military Flying
Training System HQ
under armed guard

[Image: mensa-thumb.gif]Project MENSA
Architect plans of
UK atomic plant
upgrade revealed

[Image: yorkie-gun-thumb.gif]SAS military
training base for
defensive driving
in a country village

[Image: palace-thumb.gif]MI5 Northern Ireland
£20M HQ Loughside
Palace Barracks
on aerial photos

[Image: MI5-garage-thumb.gif]Where does
MI5 get its
cars serviced?
Secret Garages

[Image: boddington-thumb.gif]RAF signals unit
"closes" but new
aerial photos show
bunker upgrade

[Image: star-wars-thumb.gif]Did Google Earth
reveal "Star Wars" military satellite
calibration image?

[Image: b2-thumb.gif]B-2 Stealth Bomber
Top Secret 2008
training mission to
UK bombing range

[Image: hydra-thumb.gif]Project HYDRA
the many heads
the British FBI

[Image: trident-thumb.gif]Trident missile
warhead handling
and storage depot
New hi-res imagery

[Image: gpss-depot-thumb.gif]Government
Pipelines and
Storage System
GPSS Depots

[Image: airrobot.gif]UAV Surveillance
Spy Cameras at
UK Centre for
Homeland Security

[Image: mercy-thumb.gif]Oh Mercy!
MI5 Dominatrix
Mistress dungeon
location revealed

[Image: uniter-thumb.gif]RAF UNITER
command & control

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