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Full Version: How Nixon Got Into Power
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David Guyatt Wrote:Droller is an interesting character. I took a peek at the Spartacus entry on him, which had him being born in Germany in 1905 but having worked with the OSS during WWII. How likely is that? Further digging suggests he worked on biological weapons for the nazis during the war:

I wonder if this suggestion is true? It would fit more into the Mae Brussell picture that nazis were involved in the JFK assassination -- and of course fits snugly with Nixon's apparent fondness for nazis and the SS:

The McAdams material you refer to is based on the Judyth Vary Baker material and is preceded by these paragraphs:
  • In August, Judyth trained Lee to handle the deadly materials. Judyth left for Florida at the end of the month.
  • Lee couriered the materials to Mexico City at the end of September, expecting to meet a contact who would bring them into Cuba. He was ordered to make the trip by Mr. B.

Another reference to "Mr. B" appears at McAdams website here:
David Atlee Phillips

No conspiracy theory would be complete without someone from the CIA, and one key suspect featured in many conspiracy books is David Atlee Phillips, a propaganda expert serving as chief of Cuban operations in Mexico City. To quote Judyth’s account:

At a meeting arranged by Ochsner’s group, INCA, held to prepare for a radio interview of Lee, someone accidentally uttered the name “David Atlee Phillips.” Lee came to believe his CIA handler, “Mr. B.,” was actually Phillips. Judyth waited in the car as the meeting took place at Reily’s.
Of course, this creates a huge problem, since Phillips was working at the Mexico City CIA station during the summer of 1963, and could hardly have been the handler of Lee Oswald in New Orleans. So the “outline” fudges a bit and admits “Mr. B may not have been Phillips.”

If we run the name "Mr. B" in Mary Ferrell's website, it brings up some possibilities of how Droller could have been connected to the group in New Orleans centered around Dr. Ochsner at Tulane Medical School.
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