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Full Version: N.Z. University reinstates thesis on Neo-Nazism and Satanism
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Kerry Bolton is a former member of the NZ Nazi Party and a self proclaimed satanist. Roel van Leeuwen was a student of the Waikato University in NZ who did a Masters of Arts in in Philosophy thesis titled Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand path, a Case-study of a Satanic-Neo-Nazi synthesis

Quote:Last year, Bolton cast a spell over Roel van Leeuwen and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Waikato, Roy Crawford. Having studied Kerry’s necromancy, van Leeuwen was able to manufacture powerful counter-magicks — thus avoiding having his hair fall out, while remaining able to find a car park at the local stupormarket. Crawford, on the other hand, had no such defences, and thus for many months was rendered both speechless and unable to read.
It took a year for the university to review the charges made by Bolton against the thesis. A professor Sutton even entertained that rather strange notion that because thesis co-supervisor Professor Dov Bing had “well known and longstanding views against neo-Nazi groups” there was a possible conflict of interest. Most well adjusted people have longstanding views against Nazism in any form and I wonder why Prof Sutton doesn’t. And it also says a lot about his belief in the defense of academic freedom. The removal of the thesis was all done in secret except that the student newspaper ran with it and made it international.

Any way the thesis is back on line and Roel got his degree. It should have been all so simple.
Here is the thesis: