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Full Version: Comparison of USSR & Ongoing USA Collapse - GREAT STUFF!
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By a very clear-thinking engineer-researcher who grew-up in the USSR, moved to the USA and has been going back and forth since. Not what you think. He makes the point that the collapse in the USA will be MUCH worse than what happened in the USSR...and why - clearly well thought out! Gotta get his book!

"The Collapse Gap" with Dmitry Orlov, author of "Reinventing Collapse - The Soviet Example and American Prospects". Dmitry Orlov's repeated travels to Russia throughout the early nineties allowed him to observe the aftermath of the Soviet collapse first-hand. Being both a Russian and an American, Dmitry was able to appreciate both the differences and the similarities between the two superpowers. Eventually he came to the conclusion that the United States is going the way of the Soviet Union. His emphasis is on all the things that can still be made to work, and he advocates simply ignoring all that will fall by the wayside.
Sounds like it is Dimitri Orlov. He is involved in the post peak oil area. Here is a visual demonstration of what he is talking about in the radio show.
Magda Hassan Wrote:Sounds like it is Dimitri Orlov. He is involved in the post peak oil area. Here is a visual demonstration of what he is talking about in the radio show.
I'd probably have joined in along the lines of Mark and David G had I been around for that thread. I love Dimitri Orlov's wicked sense of humour too. His book 'Reinventing collapse' is a cracking read along the lines of the long quote posted by Magda in the above thread.

I have found that musing about 'peak oil' /energy - peak just about everything actually - to be an enlightening pastime. It doesn't take long to realise that faith in continuous exponential growth on a finite planet requires that you be either an orthodox economist or mad. Hitherto hidden relationships such as 'energy returned on energy invested' become self-evident and you quickly realise that most of the 'progress' assumptions that underpin the entire developed world require energy and other natural resource discovery, extraction and production rates that are quite simply unsustainable. Also that the stark implications of that fact are precisely what we see being played out on both domestic and geo-political stages right now.

With access to the best brains, technology, information etc, the real arbiters of power know all this better than anybody. It's not talked about outside tightly controlled 'Security State' fora of course, but it is what drives their agenda - and in a quite fundamental fashion too. A very different world is being prepared for, even deliberately precipitated and the mass of humanity will be the last to become aware of its defining parameters

I find Dimitri Orlov to be a good, often very funny and entertaining practical guide to maximising one's prospects for surviving the transition.