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April 1996


News for Freedom of Thought Foundation Members
Vol.2 No.4, Whole Issue Number 16, April, 1996

Dallas, Texas -- Best-selling author Richard Condon, whose
prophetic novel about mind control "The Manchurian Candidate"
suddenly became frighteningly realistic after the CIA MKULTRA
revelations were made public in the 1970's, died April 9th,. He
was 81.
Mr. Condon, who died of kidney failure, saw "The Manchurian
Candidate", the darkly comic "Prizzi's Honor," and a satire
about the JFK assassination, "Winter Kills," made into acclaimed
Many other novels by Mr. Condon had a strong satirical, anti-
establishment bent: "The Oldest Confession," "Some Angry
Angel," "Emperor of America," "A Talent for Loving," 'and
"An Infinity of Mirrors."
"Every book I've ever written has been about abuse of
power," the Associated Press quoted him as saying. "'I feel very
strongly about that. I'd like people to know how de,ply their
politicians are wronging them,"
A former film publicist who didn't take up novel writing until
he was in his 40s, Mr. Condon published "The Manchurian
Candidate" in 1959. But the novel - about an American prisoner
of war in Korea who is brainwashed and programmed to kill, then
returns to the United States and assassinates a powerful
politician - didn't become a big seller until after the 1962 film
The Associated Press report said," When Kennedy was
assassinated in 1963 by a former Marine who had spent time in the
Soviet Union, the film was withdrawn for many years."
Condon said that the film had been pulled from distribution by
Frank Sinatra, the star of the film, and a close personal friend
of John Kennedy's.
The rights to the movie, starring Laurence Harvey as the
brainwashed man, Angela Lansbury as his mother and Frank Sinatra
as a fellow soldier who tries to thwart the plot, were bought by
Sinatra. Later the film was released in both theaters and on
video to new acclaim.
'Winter Kills," published in 1974, portrayed events more
closely resembling the Kennedy assassination. In it, the
half-brother of a slain president of Irish descent overhears the
deathbed confession 14 years later of a man who claims to have
been involved in the murder.
The book gave Mr. Condon his biggest critical success since
"Prizzi's Honor," in 1982, was the first in a series of
novels on the Mafia. It was followed by "Prizzi's Family" in
1986, "Prizzi's Glory" in 1988, and in 1993, "Prizzi's
Money," about the outlaw family's efforts to gain the summit of
political respectability.
Angelica Huston, who grew up as a neighbor of Mr. Condon's in
Ireland, played the female lead in film version of "Prizzi's
Honor" opposite Jack Nicholson. Mr. Condon also co-wrote the
screenplay for the 1985 film - about a hit man and his wife who
are sent to kill each other. The screenplay earned Condon an
Oscar nomination.
Before writing books, the New York City native pitched films.
Hired as a press agent for Walt Disney Productions in 1937, Mr.
Condon worked in the movie business for more than 20 years,
putting in time at nearly all the major studios.
In the mid 1970's Condon wrote the introduction to W.H.
Bowart's "Operation Mind Control" and was amazed at what
Bowart had uncovered.
When asked if he'd known about the MKULTRA program of the
CIA, Condon told Bowart," I just read Salter and Pavlov and
invented the rest." Today, there are those who still believe
Condon had inside information.
Condon gave Bowart his wholehearted support and said
"Operation Mind Control" was," Moral, significant and
In 1977 Condon wrote to Bowart after reading his non-fiction
account of the cryptocracy's developments in mind control:"I feel
like a monk in the Dark Ages who is writing to the captain of a
Space Ship. .. This whole thing blows my mind...'
Survivors include his wife, Evelyn, two daughters, and



A long term mind control researcher, Steve Bratcher, 38,
recently underwent surgery for brain cancer. Doctors predicted
that "unless a miracle happens" Bratcher wouldn't live much past
A private investigator who founded SKBI Research, Bratcher was
a long time private contractor for the CIA. When terminating his
employ with CIA he says he experienced a ten-month period of
"detainment" in Florida during which time he described being an
involuntary victim of a variety of high-tech mind control
experiments. He described holographic phenomena and "remote
mental telepathy," as well as UFO-like phenomenon and a variety
of "tortures" commonly described by the survivors of mind
control. His account is available on videotape from FOTF by
special request.
Bratcher notified FOTF of his condition before he traveled
from his home in MacLean, Va. to New York City for surgery. The
primary site of the cancer was thought to be in his prostate
gland. The secondary site was thought to be in his brain.
According to his videotaped account, photographed in 1993,
Bratcher believed he was exposed to more than one kind of
radiation. He had suffered severe headaches since the ten month
long experiment.
Bratcher told the FOTF in a series of email messages all under
the heading "Terminated," -- "I thought this was a great country
when I started working for it. I volunteered... You can be
patriotic... you can volunteer... just hope that you don't get
Bratcher said that what he believed to be implants had shown
up in the x-rays of his head.



Disaffected Spook Spills SEAL Mind Control Experiences

The following information was titled "A Working Outline of a
U.S. Intelligence Mind Control Program" when received. It comes
from a former Navy Intelligence officer who was attached to the
CIA and was also a Navy SEAL team leader. Shortly before his
"separation" from the "community" he was the overall commander of
all the SEAL teams. To clarify: "Open Eyes" is the name of the
entire operation. A "Clear Eyes" is a programmed victim of
"Operation Open Eyes." The following opinions are not those of
the Freedom of Thought Foundation, nor of the editors of FREE

This segment is dedicated to Operation "Open Eyes,." A preset
group of our people canvass the country hospitals and immigration
centers in order to find viable candidates for above named
operation. We locate the target individuals, who have no close
family or real good friends. They are then put under heavy stage
one hypnosis, where a clear and definitive pattern of their
usefulness is determined by our shrinks and field officers. If
the candidate possesses a relatively high IQ he will be filed in
a category file, called "call file."
If the tested applicant has more than 120 IQ, he will be
serviced by a trigger word or number, while under level 1
hypnosis. We then systematically do a background search and
create a file for future reference. If there are no relatives to
speak of, the subject will be moved to a location of our choice
where further tests for vulnerability are conducted. He is then
brought to level 2 hypnosis where diverse small orders and
specific instructions are written into his personality.
If subject, upon release shows that he has retained
instructions and carries out small and unimportant work duties,
assigned under level 2 hypnosis, he will receive a recall
"Service notice" by a person we have introduced him to.
The next step is level 3 hypnosis, where he will become an
overwrite upon his own personality. He/She will be told that
everything the subject does for his "friends" is okay, even
though it may very well be against all laws of the land. He will
believe that he is capable of fulfilling all their (our)
commands, and will be again discharged to live his normal life. (
All operatives have to go to/through these 3 levels before any of
us are fielded!)
The higher the IQ of a given subject, the further the
programming goes! If the IQ is high enough we will bring the
subject to the Farm or one of our numerous facilities throughout
the U.S. and Canada. ( Dallas -- "Doctor's Hospital" is one of
our main centers.)
There we will put the subject into level 4 hypnosis, where he
does no longer differentiate between right and wrong. ( We do
this at the medical facility at the Farm -- one of our contract
hospitals. If he has to perform a articulately suicidal or
important assignment we do our job at Stony Mountain facilities.)
At level 4, diverse programs can be written/or overwritten into
the brain. Any command is accepted at this level. At that level
you can give the test subject a complete personality, history and
make him/her believe anything the program requires for the
accomplishment of any desired project. He is then given a new
life in a new state and town. Driver's license, car, bank
account, passport, credit cards, Birth Certificate, and all the
small things -- such as photos of his family (that don't really
exist.) Subject and patient (one and the same) has now an agenda
(that he believes is his own) and is prepared for level 5
hypnosis. At this stage, very carefully a code word or sequence
of numbers or a voice imprint is etched into his brain. That is
commonly known and referred to as the trigger that will activate
subject to action.
He then lives a very normal and sometimes useful life, until
subject is required to perform the programs implanted/written
into level 4 hypnosis at the point of activating the trigger,
subject is beyond recall. That's why a level 5 person can only be
approached after his/her operation. There is no actual recall in
the subconscious program of any of the hypnosis. If an act of
violence had been perpetrated, subject will not be able to
associate with the deed. Only shrinks trained in this particular
form of sub mental behavior will find any tracks leading to post
level 1 or 2 mind control.
I have personally witnessed level 1-5 programming, and was
myself a subject of level 3 programming.
Due to the fact that subject has such high IQ ( Preferably
around 130-140) subject its very quick to learn anything fed to
him/her. All major patriot groups, and normal workers and workers
in big (government contract firms) corporations have at least one
or more "sleepers" attached to them.
Project Clear Eyes is always a violent group or commune in any
given community. The OKC incident was a clear cut case of project
clear eyes. Tom Valentine's group is the trigger mechanism for
Open Eyes. Waco was an Open Eyes group that had a specific job to
perform. Randy Weaver was a control subject that ended out of
control. Robert Hunt is a sleeper that was put on hold. At some
not too distant date you will see Bob Hunt performing his true
and final role.
Now it must be clear to you the various levels used by the
Intel community to get their job done. Remember Jonestown? It was
one of ours that went sour because a clear eyes was in the
group. When he began firing on the runway, it all
self-destructed. The man (Congressman Leo Ryan) who was killed,
knew it was a government operation. Clear Eyes was accidentally
-- through a lone sequence -- activated! There was no way to stop
the killings. They were all programmed to at least level 3, the
culties themselves. There were only 3 deaths attributable to
cyanide, the rest died of gunfire. Now you know a little more
about our line of work. I am glad I am out of it.

MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn172.txt]
two thoughts, probably insignificant:

1. Russbacher is using a lot of Scientology lingo above. Engram is pure Scientology (not even general semantics of Alfred Korzybski, although Gurdjieff has a barely related concept of sorts called eneagram). Clear Eyes reminds one of the Dianetics/Scientology Clear state. Russbacher talks of lie detectors; scientologists use galvanic skin response meters called e-meters during programming. The Levels above also correspond roughly to levels in the Scientology system, not quantitatively, but in concept. The system Russbacher is describing is more complex than Scientology, recalls We Can Build You Wholesale and other stories by Philip K. Dick. The Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain probably illustrates early developments in the program,

I know CIA was interested in Scientology for a while for potential use in mind control, and have heard of several agents who were scientologists stationed abroad.

2. Danvers is the name of a mental institution in Massachusetts with a decades-long (or even centuries-long now) reputation there and in surrounding states. Either this doctor is old money gentry or using an alias, I guess.
There are clearly multiple potential interpretations of Gunther Russbacher and his Operation Open Eyes material, and these following are not exclusive of each other:

1) Russbacher was a conman and it's all a hoax derived from public domain info. This is entirely possble. However, Russbacher didn't make any money out of any such hoax, nor gain major public recognition;

2) Russbacher was a genuine top level insider, and was divulging secret programmes in their entirety and with exactitude. This is the most unlikely possibility in my opinion. There are aspects of this information which are almost certainly not true. Plus no insider ever knows everything;

3) Russbacher was simply deluded, mentally ill;

4) Russbacher was attempting to expose genuine mind control programmes for reasons of altruism, his own sense of morality, and/or because he himself had been both a perpetrator and victim of this mind technology. Some of his information is true, some is an educated guess, some is false;

5) Russbacher was providing disinformation with just enough crediibility to lead researchers and real victims away from the truth. In particular, he was attempting to introduce a strictly unnecessary element into the October Surprize - his flying of Bush Sr via SR-71 Blackbird to Paris - in order to discredit any journalists who included this incident as part of an October Surprize expose piece.

The question of whether Russbacher was witting or unwitting is also moot.

My own best guess is that 5) is most likely, with an element of 4) mixed in.

Russbacher's own description of himself as being from a Gehlen and Canaris family makes his motivation highly suspect. The involvement of LeWinter and Malachi Martin strongly suggests we are in P2 and Gladio territory.

However, enough genuine material leaked out about P2 and Gladio to establish them as real, powerful, ruthless and highly dangerous entities. Anything which throws further light on them is valuable.

Now, if Russbacher was Gehlen Org and ONI, and had some limited but not complete knowledge of an ONI narco-hypnosis programming operation, then I would not be surprized if it had echoes of Scientological programming and "philosophy". After all, L Ron Hubbard was, allegedly, ONI.

Also, Lt Narut, who notoriously disclosed elements of an operation which was identifying (selecting) convicts and, probably, military recruits, with a predisposition to violence and killing, and then programming them as assassins with what appear to be narco-trauma-hypnotic techniques, was a naval shrink.

So, tentatively, I doubt the five levels of programming an "Open Eyes" as described by Russbacher are entirely correct. However, Walter Bowart was interested enough to consider Russbacher's material because he had seen programmed assassins first hand. When I last spoke with Walter, he was observing one, on trial for serial murder, in an American court.

In short, I trust nothing in Russbacher's material. But there is much of interest.....
Oswald LeWinter is, of course, a double hit. We've got LHO again. And we're tantalized by reference to Lady de Winter - the Cardinalist double agent who, in Dumas' The Three Musketeers, woos D'Artagnan to the point of obsession (mind control, anyone?) only to betray him.

I mention this in passing out.
Candy Jones must be mentioned here as well (She really deserves her own thread...).

see also Helens entry in the Barschel thread.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Ultra Head Games, Pt. XI
[Image: Candy%20Jones.jpg]Jessica Wilcox (left) competed in a number of beauty pageants during the late-1930s and early 1940s. As a Miss America runner-up, she did a number of promotional tours under the stage name Candy Jones. During World War II she toured with the USO, where she met an army doctor named Gilbert Jensen (or Carson-- nobody knows for certain his real name, and both of these were pseudonyms). After the war, the six-foot four-inch blonde became a highly paid fashion model, and eventually established her own agency in Manhattan.

Allen Funt, the creator of Candid Camera, maintained an office in the same building as Candy's agency, and he occasionally kept one of his microphones in her office. One day, two FBI men came to Candy, and asked for her permission to use the microphone so that they monitor a suspect. She happily complied.

When word of her patriotism and cooperation reached the CIA, the Company recruited her as a secret agent. Her job consisted of receiving specially coded mail, then resending it to a post office box using her own stationary. She advanced from that to becoming a type of spy known as a ‘dead letter drop’. Some of the coded mail would indicate that she had to take it to a hiding place–e.g., a hollow tree–for another spy to retrieve later and take to its final destination. They then asked her to become a courier, a mission that sent her across the country under the cover of her modelling agency.

On one such mission, she happened to bump into her old USO pal, Dr. Jensen. Shortly afterward, the modelling agency went bankrupt, and she embarked upon a new career as a television reporter for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). During this media stint, she met and fell in love with radio personality “Long” John Nebel. They married in 1972.

Nebel thought Jones had acted strange on their wedding day, and her erratic behavior continued. She also suffered from terrible bouts of insomnia. John, who had dabbled in hypnosis, offered to put her into a sleep trance. He happy discovered that he could easily hypnotize his wife. He was shocked, however, to find out that he had become, in a way, a bigamist.

Nebel informed Jones of what had transpired the morning after their first session, and she could scarcely believe him. In order to prove that he had in fact hypnotized her, and that she related something incredibly bizarre, he taped a number of subsequent sessions, about two hundred hours in all. Nebel eventually found that his amateur probe threatened not only Candy but himself as well. He then sought help from a prominent psychiatrist, Dr. Herbert Spiegel. Donald Bain, who had written a bio of Nebel the previous year, chronicled her story in a 1976 book titled The Control of Candy Jones. (In 2002, Bain released a second edition titled The CIA's Control of Candy Jones.)

From the Nebel tapes and Spiegel’s tests they were able to piece together what had happened to Jones after her “chance” encounter with Dr. Jensen in San Francisco. Jensen took Jones back to his office in order to give her a “vitamin shot.” She then spent the weekend there, in bed, with an IV in her arm. Jensen ultimately took her down twelve levels of trance states, and then sent her back. To do this, he used a number of stimuli analogous to the solitaire game and red queen in The Manchurian Candidate. Nebel suspected that this might have explained her erratic behavior. A New Yorker usually finds himself/herself awash in stimuli. No doubt, she would come across a trigger accidentally, then slip into a trance.

Jones demonstrated unusual ability to slip into a trance easily, repeatedly, and deeply. Dr. Spiegel’s Hypnosis Induction Profile, a psychological test still in use, rates susceptibility to trance states, from lowest to highest, as 0-5. The vast majority of people fall somewhere in the middle. Candy, however, was a five. .

Jones related how, on a series of visits to Hong Kong, she endured torture that no one should have been able to survive. She went on the trips believing they were typical courier assignments. Instead of providing her hospitality, her hosts stripped her naked, wired electrodes all over her body, and gave her a number of shocks. Most people would lose consciousness after a prolonged jolt of sixty volts. A large man should be thoroughly cooked at 120. Jones, however, could face 380 volts and not even break a sweat under a narcohypnotic trance.

The key to “programming” Jones rested in the creation of a second personality that was completely opposite of the dominant one. Jones had confided to Jensen, in their USO days that she fantasized about imaginary friends as a little girl growing up in Virginia. One of them, a strong-willed little tomboy, she called Arlene (in their subsequent sessions in California, she gave her the last name Grant, after her grandmother). Arlene was smarter than everybody else. She was also stronger, faster and braver than Candy imagined herself to be. Candy, interestingly enough, won a number of sporting events as a teenager. Under hypnosis Jones admitted that she won them while pretending to be Arlene.

Grant represented the opposite of Jones in many ways. Arlene was promiscuous, but not Candy. Grant was usually filled with rage, a knee-jerk ultra-conservative, and a rabid racist. Jones, on the other hand, was rather happy-go-lucky, liberal, and tolerant of diversity. Any psychiatrist worth his/her salt would point out that both identities represented different factions of Jones’ actual psyche. Spiegel’s most formidable task was to integrate these two sides into one whole person.

In the middle of his amateur hypnosis sessions, Nebel found a number of official documents – driver’s license, passport, etc. – issued to Arlene Grant. It didn’t take but a glance to realize, from the photographs, that Grant was Jones wearing a brunette wig, which he found as well. He also received a telephone call from a travel agent, confirming flight reservations for Grant. The contrast between the two women was so striking that he could tell the difference between Candy, and Arlene trying to impersonate Candy. (A casual listener can tell just as easily.)

Arlene then began to threaten Candy. She would surface at unpredictable times, like at their wedding, or in the rstudio. In one of their sessions, Arlene told Nebel that she still worked for the CIA and that she had just received orders to kill both him and herself. It was then when Nebel sought Dr. Spiegel’s help.

Jones’ programming came to light before the CIA officially mentioned such a program. Furthermore, the protocol she outlined was consistent with narcohypnosis, which wouldn’t be known until many years later. It is, quite simply, the most credible case to date. The fact that both Nebel and Jones were highly esteemed public figures makes it somewhat less likely that they were either cranks or hoaxers, at least to the degree to which it could ruin their reputations. Candy could also provide classified telephone numbers of her contacts and handlers that checked out when Bain investigated them. She could identify narohypnotic methods and materials long before they became part of the public record.

Jim Keith, in his book Mind Control, World Control doubted the story, largely because of John’s reputation as a prankster. In a 2003 e-mail exchange, I asked Bain about this, and he explained, “While John did enjoy an occasional put-on, they were always harmless, tongue-in-cheek pranks. The Candy Jones story was no prank. I lived it with John and Candy. It was an [excruciatingly] painful episode for both, particularly John.”

Moreover, many, including former FBI Special Agent William Turner, regarded Dr. Spiegel as the foremost authority on clinical hypnosis. I doubt that she could have fooled him.
Jan Klimkowski Wrote:5) Russbacher was providing disinformation with just enough crediibility to lead researchers and real victims away from the truth. In particular, he was attempting to introduce a strictly unnecessary element into the October Surprize - his flying of Bush Sr via SR-71 Blackbird to Paris - in order to discredit any journalists who included this incident as part of an October Surprize expose piece.
Just a minor correction: Russbacher claimed to have flown Bush from Paris in an SR-71. The flight to Paris was joined by too many persons. It used a BAC 111.
Interestingly the link to contained in that article reveals that has been "terminated", like so many.


BTW the declassified SR-71 manual is freely available from for avionics buffs.