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Full Version: David Crosby on JFK
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I'm not a JFK researcher,but I've learned so much from those of you who are.I was watching my copy of the Monterey Pop Festival (circa1967)last night,and when the Byrds were performing,David Crosby spoke his mind before they went into the song "He was a friend of mine".The very beginning of the video.

The lyrics to "He was a friend of mine"

(Traditional, arranged by McGuinn)

He was a friend of mine, he was a friend of mine
His killing had no purpose, no reason or rhyme
He was a friend of mine

He was in Dallas town, he was in Dallas town
From a sixth floor window a gunner shot him down
He was in Dallas town

He never knew my name, he never knew my name
Though I never met him I knew him just the same
Oh he was a friend of mine

Leader of a nation for such a precious time
He was a friend of mine
Thanks Keith, lovely song. Interesting what he said about the media too. This is before Watergate too when some people had their eyes opened to the ways of government and MSM. It reminded me of this song:

I'm sure there must be other songs too.
I dreamed I was the president of these United States
I dreamed I replaced ignorance, stupidity and hate
I dreamed the perfect union and a perfect law, undenied
And most of all I dreamed I forgot the day John Kennedy died
I dreamed that I could do the job, that others hadn't done
I dreamed that I was uncorrupt and fair to everyone
I dreamed I wasn't gross or base, a criminal on the take
And most of all I dreamed I forgot the day John Kennedy died
Oh the day John Kennedy died
I remember where I was that day, I was upstate in a bar
The team from the university was playing football on TV
Then the screen want dead and the announcer said:
' There's been a tragedy
There's are unconfirmed reports the president's been shot
And he may be dead or dying.'
Talking stopped, someone shouted: ' What?! '
I ran out to the street
People were gathered everywhere saying:
' Did you hear what they said on TV? '
And then a guy in a Porsche with his radio
Hit his born and told us the news
He said: ' The president's dead, he was shot twice in the head
In Dallas, and they don't know by whom. '
I dreamed I was the president of these United States
I dreamed I was young and smart and it was not a waste
I dreamed that there was a point to life and to the human race
I dreamed that I could somehow comprehend that someone
Shot him in the face
Oh the day John Kennedy died
Roger McGuinn, "David didn't know anything more than anybody else. He was just trying to be Mr. Cool up there, and I resented it."

What an insufferable ass.

David Crosby May 17, 1967 is light years ahead of the curve with his comments.

Set the table. It's coming on the Summer of Love. Some (emphasis on some) of that generation thought it could change the world.

The next year it would get its ass kicked by Daley's police army in the street in front of the Democrat Convention.

And the year after that the Nixon Counterinnaugural would draw a strange caravan into the streets of Washington, D.C. January 19, the day before the innauguration of Johnson's successor.

During that, Wavy Gravy and the Hogg Farm bus. And Rudd and his armbanded Maoists would chant Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, the NLF is Gonna Win, and bang the iron knockers on the steel doors of the Department of Justice.

The fall of that year Rudd would recruit, and Roger and I would follow him around Purdue for seven hours with his Beaulieu 16mm, and Rudd would tell me his armbanded Maoists thought we were cops.

We followed them up to Chicago for the October 8-11 SDS Days of Rage and watched the Chicago Tactical Police in their black mesh-windowed city bus fall out in full leather to make Lou Reed drool.

The rings of Dick Tracy detectives in trenchcoats clustered around walkie-talkies.

Platoons of police in pigeon-blue helmets.

Convoys of four-door Chevys in black, blue, navy, white, bronze unmarked, three in line followed by a wagon, the rolling jail, these convoys crisscrossing Chicago, sirens stopping traffic.

Carloads of plainclothes disgorging at the park, itching for a little ultra-violence.

The two-three hundred in army surplus (Bill Ayers would be in there somewhere) exhorted by a megaphone around a burning police barricade, ran down the streets breaking plate glass, chased into churches and arrested.

From the Summer of Love flowers in their hair to the Autumn of their Discontent, blood replacing the flowers.

Four Dead in Ohio did not suffice. They never got their anthem.

That summer of 69 we caught the Stones at the Electric Theater in Chicago. Street Fighting Man.

We were doing a few light shows that winter before changing scenery. I did an animation of the American flag beginning red white and blue and going through two hundred forty color combinations of primaries and secondaries ending red white and blue.

Out in Boston they were hanging out in front of Harvard like a beaten army in surplus. Ayers was bombing. Literally.

And now in violation of the Who they have embraced a new boss doing what the old boss did.

I love David Crosby's excited statement. And his knowledge they would "edit this out".

The current young generation is playing with electronic toys; shiny things distract.

The dark forces appreciate that.

When they don't appreciate something, the mountain slides open and a Posner or Bugliosi or a Dunkel slouches toward Bethlehem.

With no music in its soul.
I have the same response.Roger McGuinn is an ass.He is probably just jealous because he wrote the lyrics to the song,and David gets the attention for speaking out the truth on a World stage.And I can sense that David is very nervous,and really had to dig deep in his guts to say it.

Davids first solo album,"If I Could Only Remember My Name",is one of my most favorite albums of all time.