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The current economic system, with its almost total disregard for nature, is steamrolling both people and the planet. Profits uber alles inevitably will lead to social and ecological breakdowns. Bold innovative ideas are needed to repair and nurture the earth. The traditional path of growth for growth's sake and conventional notions of development require urgent reexamination. Years ago consumption was another name for tuberculosis. Today it is a lifestyle. It is something desirable and is heavily promoted by corporate advertising. To paraphrase Descartes, We consume, therefore we are. But look at the real costs. Environmental degradation is accelerating. The scale of the crises demands replacing the dominant fragmented techno-economic worldview with a more holistic perspective embracing the interdependence of the natural world. More and more communities around the globe are
discovering the value of self-reliance and exploring alternative models. :goodnight:

Film that addresses this message:

Website that deals with this:

Also see the threads on Derrick Jensen on this Forum

NB - I lost my job for teaching this message at my university. [my new year present :puke:]
Lovely web site Peter and great links and videos etc. It's the only way to go really isn't it?
Any one knowing of Environmental Scientist positions available please send details to Peter. He is a man of many talents. Star