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Full Version: Amazing photo of MLK
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Myra Bronstein

Just had to share this photo of Dr. King that I found on the web. I rarely get to see his raw anger and determination (my interpretation of his expression anyway); just so powerful.

I'm not sure which arrest this is from. I should look into that. He does look quite young.

On edit:
Here are the dates of his arrests based on the timeline at
I'll have to check to see if they're accurate and complete.

October 19 – King is arrested at a sit-in in Atlanta.

December 16 – King and other protesters are arrested in Albany, Georgia.

April – King is arrested after demonstrating in Birmingham, Alabama. While in jail, King writes the widely circulated, “Letter From Birmingham Jail.”

June 11 – King is arrested in St. Augustine, Florida for attempting to eat in a white-only restaurant.