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Full Version: Blair Propagandist ReShoots JFK
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Please write a review of this book

It is selling really fast, and is pure mental sewage brought to us by a leading proponent of Blair Iraq. It baby and bathwater's JFK assassination with the Da Vinci code. It has four pages on JFK assassination and is just sad

Since this book is selling so much it is a great way to promote other books like
Unspeakable, the new edition of Evica. etc. Anyone with any time to spend on this could easily write the top review and it WOULD BE SEEN BY THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS.

Or... dont, spend ALL your time on small sites ... allow this sewage to tinge an entire new generation, and then make comments on a small website about how dumb everyone is....
This book is now inside the Amazon top 100 when combined with its kindle edition.

It spends four pages on the RFK assassination.

The only fact it mentions is the mistake made by the author of JFK Must Die in trying to identify the CIA agents in the Ambassador. No other
facts are given, about why anyone would even be the least bit suspicious about the RFK hit.

Amazon lists this book in its "historiography" section. JFK and the Unspeakable, a book with roughly 900 scholarly as all hell footnotes per chapter
is listed in the "Conspiracy Theory" section.

A product link to a real book could raise the sales of an obscure but good book by a factor of hundreds or even thousands.


There are a hundred people on this site who could destroy this book by taking six hours to communicate to thousands and thousands. Is that really more valuable than typing one more point for the cognoscenti? I make no claim to be among that group, though perhaps I sound sufficiently pretentious. I do know why the movement to reexamine the JFK Assassination has not yet met its goal, however. It is not for lack of facts or fine writers.
Nate - I have no time for sometime BBC hack Aaronovitch. His idiotic tome is dissected and destroyed here:
Jan what is the goal? to reach more people or just discover knew knowledge? Is it really knowledge if it is not socialized?

I obviously never suggested one could learn from it. Merely that we could use it as an opportunity. Don't know how all the incredible new JFK material will reach a wider audience if we don't do a lot more work on the PR front. Or is that just too low class for folks around here?
Nate - another forum on which I post on has the entire cross-section of society, albeit somewhat skewed towards the male sex. That forum is for fans of the football club which I support.

Fwiw, on that site, and others, I've engaged in endless passionate arguments about the use of the "conspiracy theory" label to shut down debate. Unfortunately, the power of one's argument is largely useless against the entrenched attitudes that most people display.

I will continue to engage and hope to reveal to the stubborn and the blind that there is another way of looking at things. :bebored:

However, it is also important to examine and analyze contemporary and historical truths in the midst of intelligent and gifted researchers. To probe deeply in the attempt to discover what the deep political forces are truly up to.

I make no apology for engaging in both activities.
Great Jan. Not asking you to apologize. I think books are what converts. The product link thingy in the Amazon reviews is an incredible resource. This new book Voodo Histories will reach many many many many people and be used to keep millions from ever picking up that first real JFK book

My only intention is to draw greater attention to the strategic use of our time.