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Full Version: Howard Hunt Mocks Us from the Grave
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E. Howard Hunt's deathbed "confession" may be viewed on the Internet:

Not since Gerald Patrick Hemming appeared at a JFK-Lancer conference to take questions from a panel of not-so-grand inquisitors (on which I sat, alas) have we been treated to so valuable a lesson in the techniques of a master disinformationalist.

Hunt's mission hardly was unique: Like many before him he set out to elevate some of the false sponsors/beneficiaries (LBJ, LCN), would-be sponsors/beneficiaries (anti-Castro forces), and true facilitators (CIA and other intelligence officers and agents) of the JFK assassination to the highest, sponsorship level of what was a tripartite conspiracy structure.

There is a massive disconnect between the depth of Hunt's institutional knowledge and experience, and the superficiality of his "revelations" -- one sufficient to give away his game.

He tells us nothing we do not already know.

And so we are left to identify and mine the proffered, minimal truth -- disinformation's key ingredient -- from the massive, stinking pit of lies Hunt uttered as he slithered into what he likely hoped would be oblivion.
E. Howard (Knight) and David Atlee (Bishop) were on the kingsrow of JFK players, not mere rank and file pawns. Any "confession" which does not admit that is merely another diversionary gambit, mate.


Hunt implicates Phillips and exculpates himself -- or at least tries to do so.

But bear in mind: Hunt's drama as I describe it has been performed by the limited hang-out troup for decades.

Again: Hunt's brief was to protect the assassination's sponsors by assigning that role to false sponsors -- some of whom, like Phillips, played significant roles at the facilitator level of the conspiracy, some of whom were merely cheerleaders.