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Full Version: critical review of John Hankey, from Jim D's site.
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I had seen discussions of the ninety-minute multi-generational subject elsewhere, and found the video a distorted caricature.

I read the review two nights ago, an epic undertaking, 21,000-plus words.

The treatment was thorough and consistently sourced. The video presents not merely as a stream of baseless speculation, but of fevered assertion.

The whole is regularly punctuated with sweating stage hands lowering a Bush-on-a-wire to gesture hypnotically and, e.g., cloud Dulles' mind, or effect a Nixonian machination.

Ptolemy did the same, using circles instead of Bushes, and it arrested the progress of Western science.

We are brought no closer to--in fact, further from--solution and resolution of the crime wanding 33d Masons at the airport.
The review of Hankey's video was harsh but pretty fair. However, Hankey deserves credit for being one of the few researchers to investigate the JFK, Jr. plane crash. He, John DiNardo and John Quinn really did the only investigating that was done by anyone in the media. I've had some email exchanges with John in the past, and don't think he's a bad person.

Also, Jeff Rense's web site is a nice resource for alternative news. Yes, it has a lot of weird, "far out" stuff, but it also has important information there that you can't find on any other web sites. Finally, Alex Jones has been called a "nut" by the mainstream media and a "disinfo" artist by many CTers on the net, but he has done a lot to publicize protests against the establishment. If you get a chance, catch his video from Bohemian Grove. It's a real eye opener and should be available online.
While I also found the review "harsh but fair" I give Hankey credit for going where no researcher seems to be interested. There are lots of articles on line about JFK Jr's death- murder as far as I am concerned. A guy named Tru Ott tells an incredible tale about the inner workings of John Jr's mind just prior to his death. I am very surprised that no-one has written a book exposing the massive amount of disinformation we were given following these deaths.

Don Jeffries Wrote:If you get a chance, catch his video from Bohemian Grove. It's a real eye opener and should be available online.

Thanks Don. Not to hijack this thread; just to briefly state that the Bohemian Grove really deserves it's own thread, but for the present I'm just going to link to the Alex Jones video on it HERE.

Jones is correct - the elite are fascinated with the occult. We have highlighted this in small ways in other threads. L Ron Hubbard and Scientology, paedophile activities of Marc Dutroux and others, the involvement of occultists in NASA's JPL, the Priory of Sion story etc etc. There is much on the forum on these subjects already.

Okay, I'm done.
It's called Tryin' to Make Hell Their Home.
Charles Drago Wrote:It's called Tryin' to Make Hell Their Home.

They seem to be succeeding quite nicely too.

There is more going on in this Grove ritual than meets the eye, methinks. Psycho drama usually has an end purpose in mind that is significantly empowered by the drama performed. Which is why one may leave a theatre energized by a great performance, full of merriment by a comedic one, uplifted by another, or curiously drained and on edge by yet others. Any great theatrical performer will tell you that energy from the crowd seems to get channeled into the cast.
I thought that I'd reply to this topic considering I'm mentioned in the opening paragraph of the article.

It's true that I did mention John Hankey while I was on black op radio, but not in the fashion Seamus suggested.
I said that John Hankey had emailed me with encouragement and offering technical advice as well as some material on the Bush angle. He also sent me a copy of his redone Bush connection dvd, which I had previously seen. I also used John's documentary (as I recall, possibly not) as an example of a low budget film that had achieved success online. I made no comment on the content of the film.

I share this forums sentiments with regard to John Hankey personally. What little contact I've had with him has been pleasant and welcome.

With a little digging either Seamus or myself could find the bullet point critique of 'The Bush Connection' that I wrote several years ago on Wim Dankbaar's forum. To be truthful, I found some of the material far fetched and based on assumptions that could not be proved.

I have only seen a few minutes of John's film on JFK jr and can't recall much about it.

I would appreciate it if someone here could send this post to Seamus Coogan to let him know what I said on black op radio and what my intentions are for the documentary.

I'm not angry, I would just like the situation clarified. I bear no ill will to Seamus, it was, most likely, a simple misunderstanding.

My email address is if he or anyone else would like to contact me.

All the best,