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Full Version: Official story falacies, lies, untruths, fudges, myths etc
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I thought I would start a thread that would list all that is wrong with the official Oswald did it lone nut scenario.

I'll start but this is far from complete. Please add to it.

*Oswald is on the record as being pro-Kennedy and had no motive for the assassination.

*There is no link to Oswald of the murder weapon:

* Oswald was not the only person missing from the book depository building. There were up to 12 people missing from the building but only Oswald was thought guilty because of it.
Robert claimed brother Lee was watching reruns of I Led Three Lives when he (Robert) went off to the Marines--

Robert went off in 1952. I Led Three Lives PREMIERED in 1953.

Robert was so helpful in providing the camera (allegedly) used for the backyard photo(s).

And the backyard photos (as Jack White et al have shown) are as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Oswald was never seen with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle; cannot be proved to have ever ordered it or picked it up from the post office.

Oswald cannot be linked to the shooting at Walker or the killing of Tippitt--much lying to the contrary notwithstanding.

Oswald could not possibly have been in "the sniper's nest" shooting at Kennedy--he was seen too soon before and after, elsewhere--and he was negative in the cheek paraffin test.

He was a poor shooter; the late legendary military sniper Gunny Hathcock told Craig Roberts that he (Hathcock) couldn't do what Oswald is alleged to have done.

Too many bullets: Kennedy shot in the back and the back of the head, the front of the throat and the front/right of the head. Connally shot with one or two additional bullets. Tague another. Others hitting the windshield frame and the grass.

The telescopic sight was unusable until the FBI added shims and screws; the bolt had to be lubricated.

No print on any but one carton; no print on the (alleged) rifle until it went to the body post-mortem (FBI unable to find any print).

Ten people saw Oswald and Clay Shaw in Clinton, Louisiana.

Oswald and Ferrie knew each other--and Banister.

The Paines are tied to Dulles and CIA.

Hunt couldn't prove he wasn't in Dallas and later confessed to being there. Phillips confessed to being there. Shaw was finally revealed to have been a CIA agent in some capacity.

Five paper bags and three wallets--plus a Mauser, an Enfield and a Mannlicher Carcano.

Secret Service agents flashing credentials after crowds rushed the source of the gunshot sounds and the "smoke".

A stated intention by the President and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to limit the investigation to one designated assassin.

An illegal hijacking of the body and a criminally negligent and corrupted autopsy.

A twelve-year embargo on the most significant film, and a ruthless confiscation and suppression of all extant photographic and cinematic evidence, altogether with a consistent brutal campaign of intimidation and murder of inconvenient witnesses.

On every subject the truth was buried: e.g., Jack Ruby was impossible to understand outside his place in organized crime, gunrunning in Cuba, running errands for casino operators there, stalking and killing the patsy who knew too much, in exchange for "fixing" his forty-two-thousand-dollar tax liability.

I submit that the miasma of obfuscation of the truth recalls the statement of Sherlock Holmes to Doctor Watson in The Three Garridebs, "Touch him where we will, he is false."
There is but one overriding problem with the "Oswald killed JFK" claim.

There is not a scintilla of unimpeachable evidence to support it.
Exactly Charles. Lets list it. Confusedtupido:
Gosh Maggie, there is so much it's hard to know where to begin. My favorite place to start is the magic bullet theory and that Gerry Ford falsified the location of the backwound. That Gov. Connally said he could NOT have been hit by that bullet because he heard it. That LHO was drinking a coke on the second floor, which was verified by multiple witnesses. That he was a terrible shot, that this gun-initially mis id- could not have even hurt anyone...
the official story is SUCH a sad joke that it is hard to imagine how anyone could ever begin to defend it. I saw through it day one and I was only fourteen. Then when Ruby killed LHO on tv, that was the clincher.

It took forever to get a second "official" investigation,but that fell apart very quickly with the head of HSCA Gonzales in a bitter dispute with the awesome chief counsel Richard Sprague. Sprague would be driven out-mainly by media criticism-IMAGINE THAT??- He was the real deal. The House would utter the word "conspiracy", but with no balls and suggest that the Justice dept look into CIA involvement....Hmmmmm...suddenly Ray gun is pres with Bush the first as so coincidental. (As I vomit).

This is the stuff of a bad horror movie. No one could possibly make up all that is weird- and all IS weird- that is the JFK assassination.
Magda, There are too many to know where to begin....the very thought of this task exhausts the mind and heart. :pcguru:
I know what you mean. Sisyphus comes to mind. I just wanted to have it all in one place for those new inquiring minds who are unfortunate enough to only come across the Bug and Posner and McAdams etc. You know a mountain of bits and pieces all assembled in one place to dwarf the WC and other bog paper.

Phil's off to a turbo start :burnout:
Magda Hassan Wrote:Exactly Charles. Lets list it. Confusedtupido:

I think you missed my point.

I did list "it."

If you insist, then please move forward with these caveats:

Do NOT present your facts as anything other than facts. This is not a debate. We cannot survive collegiality or the agreement to disagree with those who cover up the truth.

Anyone with reasonable access to the evidence in this case who does not conclude that JFK was killed by conspirators is cognitively impaired and/or complicit in the crime.

Be arrogant in your truth. Be righteous.

To paraphrase Jack Crabb: The lamb can lay with the lion. Just as long as you get a new lamb every so often.
Quote:Do NOT present your facts as anything other than facts. This is not a debate.
Fair enough Charles. No debate just facts it is. Here is a fact from the FBI that Oswald mail box did not accept mail for any one ese including 'A. Hidell' Now, who was that rifle addressed to again?
A classic optical illusion presents the silhouette of a chalice, with stem, and base--

--or is it, two facial profiles facing each other?

In such a manner do the critics' truths meet the killers' false proofs.

The precise line is being defined by further research--

--but that it divides light from darkness is never in doubt.

Oswald killed no one. The killer(s) of Kennedy are of the not-Oswald set.

There is no more flat-earth theory--no more do we allow the burning of heliocentrics.

Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi, Allen Dulles, Tom Hanks, and ten thousand Macedonians in full battle array to the contrary notwithstanding, there is no proof that CE 399 performed the Immaculate Septuple Penetration with Triple-Lutz Dismount.

Nor that Oswald burned the ozone with supersonic dash from the lunchroom, to the snipers nest, to the coke machine, to the phone booth to change into Superman costume, to the hapless Tippitt, to the balcony of the Texas Theater, and. . .

. . .most assuredly no way he violated Einsteinian physics by blasting forward into the future to watch reruns of the 1953-premiering I Led Three Lives when the so-helpful brother Robert went off to the Marines in 1952.

At every exposure to reality, the Warren-Dunkelian Theory smells like burning plastic and parts like a chewing gum membrane.