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Full Version: MLK book?
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Jack White Wrote:I heard today from a usually reliable source that a new book
is coming out soon on MLK saying the assassin really was
James Earl Ray...and that a co-author is the husband of
Debra Conway. Is there any truth to this?


Maybe to some new book, but not to JER being the assassin!!!:rocker:
I think Hancock would not name JER.....not by a mile.......
...twas another inside false-flag op.... of oh so many...
...that continue!!!!
What do the experts here think of James Douglass' piece (originally published in 2000) on MLK's assassination? Seems excellent to me but what do I know? I never could get into William F. Pepper's book.
Oh, I see the Douglass article on MLK's assassination is in the DiEugenio-Pease 2003 volume, The Assassinations.
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