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Full Version: Article: Taiwanese Spying in China
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Ex-Taiwanese civilian spies break long silence

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[Image: TKY201005180405.jpg]Former Taiwanese civilian spy Lin Yi-lin reads a court ruling on his suit against the government spy organization in his hometown Yilan, Taiwan. (TSUYOSHI NOJIMA)

Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part series on Taiwan's spying activities in China.
* * *
TAIPEI--Lin Yi-lin stood before a tall, "faceless" member of Taiwan's intelligence community, in a room without windows at Taipei international airport.
Lin, 40, had just returned to his homeland following his release from prison in mainland China, where he had spent 14 years and 10 months behind bars for espionage.
A paper bag was on the table. Lin instinctively knew it was stuffed with cash.
A thought crossed his mind: "It must be money to buy my silence."

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