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Full Version: Sydney protest action Sydney Town Hall Tuesday 5.30 pm 1st June
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Emergency Action Alert - Please forward to all your networks
For the sake of Gaza - Freedom Flotilla Solidarity Vigil

[size=12]Sydney Town Hall

5:30pm - 7pm

Tuesday 1st June


CJPP asks you to attend an emergency action because of the Israeli military action against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.
Here endeth your career prospects with the BBC.

Well done.

Mark Stapleton

Thanks Magda.

I might be able to get there.

I went to the Nakba commemoration at Paul Keating Park, Bankstown on May 15 last. The turnout was depressing--about 50-60 people.
I expect there will be quite a bit more at this one. :trytofly:

Mark Stapleton

No doubt.
Please report numbers as the press is not. Imagine that?


Mark Stapleton

Dawn Meredith Wrote:Please report numbers as the press is not. Imagine that?


I didn't get there Dawn, but the local media reports claimed about 1000 were at Sydney Town Hall last night.
There were about 5,000 at the Sydney protest.

Mark Stapleton

Magda Hassan Wrote:There were about 5,000 at the Sydney protest.

I should know better than trust the MSM.
9 murdered peace activists, 1400 murdered in Gaza...
End the siege of Gaza
Break ties with Israel
Rally 2pm, Saturday June 5
Sydney Town Hall

With the murder of peace activists who were attempting to carry much needed food, clothes and medicine to the besieged people of Gaza, the world is seeing the brutal crimes of Israel.

Now is the time we must act for justice - for those peace activists killed and injured, for the 1400 Gazan residents who were killed during Israel's war on Gaza, and for those who continue face occupation and injustice in Palestine.

We cannot allow such inhumanity to continue - ACT NOW for Palestine & human rights!

Initiated by: Gaza Defence Committee; Committee for Justice and Peace in Palestine; Australian Turkish Friendship Alliance; Stop the War Coalition; Students 4 Palestine; Leichhardt Friends of Hebron; Canterbury Bankstown Peace Group; National Solidarity Group Arab Conference; Akkar Popular Society; One Community; Socialist Alliance; Socialist Alternative; Lebanese Communist Party

For information or to add your endorsement contact Bashir 0413 859 060, Raul 0403 037 376 or Pip 0412 139 968

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