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Full Version: Gen Petreus briefly collapses at at Senate hearing on Afghanistan
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Having to talk to McCain could do it. Great to know that the man in charge of the Afghan theatre of war, and all that entails, can't even organise to keep himself fed and watered sufficiently. I'm sure he can 'support the troops' though...
Repressed feelings of guilt or repressing the truth are well known in psychology to cause similar reactions. One can't judge and be sure; but one can guess......:bandit:
Questions remain over CIA visit
Czechs, Americans tight-lipped on Petraeus meeting

Posted: June 13, 2012

By Andrew Greene - Staff Writer | Comments (0) | Post comment

More than a week after America's top spy flew out of Prague, mystery continues to surround the reason for his secretive and unannounced visit.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency boss David Petraeus left the Czech Republic June 4 onboard a C-17 Globemaster III, an aircraft he regularly uses for transport.

Photographs published in the daily Právo showed the CIA director and his team boarding the military transporter at Prague's Ruzyně Airport headed for their next destination, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Reports from Bulgaria said Petraeus held talks with the country's president and prime minister, meetings that were confirmed by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia. U.S. authorities, however, have been less forthcoming on details about the intelligence chief's fleeting stopover here.

Paul Oglesby, spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Prague, said he was not authorized to comment on anything concerning the CIA and referred questions to the agency's headquarters in Washington, D.C.

As of press time, the CIA was yet to respond to questions from The Prague Post about its director's covert mission to the Czech Republic.

A spokesman for the Defense Ministry, Jan Pejšek, confirmed to The Prague Post that Alexandr Vondra met with the intelligence chief during his brief but secretive stay.

"The ministry acknowledges Vondra met with Petraeus in Prague, and they had lunch. But we cannot reveal what was discussed at their meeting," Pejšek said.

A defense expert said off the record that the CIA director would have plenty of matters to discuss with Czech officials, including intelligence sharing between the close allies.

Petraeus has been CIA chief since September 2011, when he replaced Leon Panetta, and last came to Prague in 2009 to receive a high Czech military decoration.

On that occasion, Petraeus was joined by his daughter, who had been working for a year as an English teacher in Prague, unbeknown to the Czech media.

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Curioser and curioser....
Obviously, something is 'cooking' in this part of the world for the CIA.....I'm sure it isn't something we'd consider welcome or nice. I posted it, as I think the US Press didn't report this 'trip'. It could just be a coincidence, but the Czech Parliament is JUST poised to pass a bill that makes it mandatory for all phone companies and internet providers to keep complete records and details of all communications/connections/activity/connectivity/etc. of all that goes on in the CZ and from here to X and from X to here for six months [I'm sure the six months is bull - forever]. According to reports this information can be demanded by the secret police, the normal police, the courts and other officials. Worse than most any other country, I'd say...time to go...long, long time to go from here...for many reasons. This, for me, is the last straw.

Quote:Telephone service providers may have to keep data on their clients' locations and usage for six months, according to an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, which is now in its final reading in Parliament. If passed, the law would require telephone and internet providers to record who communicated with whom, for how long and where. The data could then be requested by the police, the state prosecutor, military police, intelligence agency, the central bank or the courts.