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Full Version: A New Capture of a Mossad Agent in Lebanon
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A New Capture of a Mossad Agent in Lebanon

By Kawther Salam • Jun 29th, 2010 at 23:24 • Category: Kawther's Choice Lebanese security arrested a newly uncovered Mossad agent (Charbel Q.) who had a sensitive [Image: mossad-1-150x67.jpg]post at “Alpha”, the Lebanese telecommunications sector company. The Lebanese authorities described the capture of the new Mossad agent as a big catch saying that we are in the vanguard of uncovering a very precious treasure in terms of the services and information which was provided during the past 14 years to the Israelis and the Mossad, including information that helped the Israeli army to identify their targets during the criminal war of 2006.
Another Hollandese Mossad agent, Anneke Potter, served as executive director of the “Alpha” company. She escaped from Lebanon at the end of 2007 just a few hours before the implementation of the arrest warrant against her.
Mr. Charbel Q. was born in 1954 in Alma- Al-Shouf. In details revealed about the arrest of this Lebanese Mossad agent, the directorate of the intelligence of the Lebanese army, proceeding on preliminary information about him, monitored him and collected evidence about his collaborating with the Mossad, and Israel. In coordination between the intelligence assessment, the Attorney General and the Lebanese army commander, General Jean Kahwagi, decided to capture the spy (Charbel Q.). The spy (Charbel Q.) admitted his collaboration with Mossad and Israel since 1996.
On Friday June 25 2010, the Lebanese Attorney General authorized the directorates of intelligence in the army to raid the building of "Alpha" company in the “Cheveroleh” in “Furn Al-Shabak”. They confiscated the computer of Charbel, some documents which were found in his office and other communication equipment which was found with him.
The preliminary investigations showed that Charbel Q. enabled the Israeli enemy to enter the Cellular Communications Network and in wire-tapping and monitoring the people who they wanted to spy on during the July criminal war of 2006. Alpha Communications services was able to determine the whereabouts of any person carried on its communications lines throughout all of Lebanese territory, as well as giving access to the names, numbers, addresses, and biographies of the people. Charbel Q. allowed the Israelis access to all these services during the past 14 years.
[Image: trans.gif]“Charbel Q.” was responsible for a particular section of the company (BTS). A section that all the communication passes through in the first phase in the company. It controlled more than 650 sending stations in the Lebanese regions and maintains their connections to each other.
The preliminary investigations with Charbel, show that he planted technical equipment in all the stations of the company, through which he provided Israel with the working frequencies which are used in the stations. Through this theft, the Mossad and Israel were able to control all the processes from the cellular company's Alpha. The investigators are trying to find out who “Charbel Q.'s” partners are. They are expecting that his arrest will lead to uncovering new spying network(s).

Mark Stapleton

Interesting Magda. Yet another Mossad spy uncovered. Charbel Q is a traitor to his people. What a skunk.
Wow, June turned out to be a BAD MONTH for Mossad. First the man from the Fatah/Mossad Dubai Hamas hit was detained in Poland, now this. Good find, Magda.

I wonder who exactly this man's "people" are, Lebanon is so complicated that way.