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Full Version: Facebook Privacy Invasions to Global Secret Societies of the New World Order (1 of 2)
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Part 1 / Part 2 (please leave your comments on the youtube page)

Podcast titled "Facebook Privacy Invasions to Global Secret Societies" has been uploaded. It is available in MP3 format 64kbps (128kbps for premium subscribers) and also on youtube, as an animated motion picture. I highly recommend watching the videos as this information is highly relevant to you and important.

Video description:
In this show, you will continue to progress the learning process, continuing from small scaled news towards the bigger picture. The new world order conspiracies on the internet are low level diversion tactics, especially content you hear from Patriot news networks. Freemasonry and other occult societies have been in existence for ages. They are -part- of the hidden hand, but you need to continue listening to understand how exactly this is possible and to what extent.

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