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Full Version: Responsibility for posts rests with the poster
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We expect all DPF members to respect copyrights and other intellectual property while using our site, as well as to respect the general civil legal code. Reproduction of copyrighted material without express permission is prohibited, as is defamatory, libelous, threatening or otherwise actionable speech.

Responsibility for compliance with the Copyright on material you post rests with you.

DPF has neither the technical ability or legal responsibility to proactively read and police article content. Specifically, we are neither required to nor can we legally act as a judge in determining what has and has not been permitted use by a copyright holder. As soon as we do so we become "editors", and this is an action DPF will not take.

Should legal action be launched by a third party against a specific post, the member making that post is fully personally responsible for the material in that post, including any costs, such as the entire legal costs, that the member imposes on the DPF's owners as a consequence of those actions.