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Full Version: Police provocateurs caught in action
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There have been 60,000 people laid off in the Chilean public service just recently. As a consequence there have been several street protests about the austerity attacks on the people. There have been ongoing student protests also. Below is a google translation of an exposed incident of police infiltration of the protests. They want an end to infiltration into peaceful protests. The provocateur dressed as a 'student' was exposed as he, and others, were being arrested by police and other protesters ended up with his backpack as they were going to look after it for him, think he was a genuine protester. The police infiltrator was not resisting arrest as he wanted to avoid the beatings that were being meted out to those resisting and obviously couldn't come out and identify himself as a police officer. Others thought he was in shock and felt sorry for him and offered to look after back pack and reunite it with him later after he was freed from his arrest. When the police moved into arrest those with the back pack it ended up getting pulled and fought over and eventually the contents spilled everywhere for all to see. Police radio, handcuffs, police ID in the name of Hugo Javier Melita ID number RUT 16388040-7, details on some of the protesters.
Quote:Deputy Teillier infiltration of agents reporting up the ANEF

Written by Press Office

Santiago August 30, 2010 .- The Deputy Guillermo Teillier, president of PC, reported a montage of police and the infiltration of its officials in the march organized by the ANEF and students on Thursday 26 in the capital.

The MP said he had before it the background check that would allow half of the arrest of some protesters, police arrested a young, supposedly a college student, after which a group of women grabbed her purse for safekeeping . The backpack contained in this course student wives, radio communication, tifa, ID and instructions for marches, among other items. One of the identity cards in question, corresponds to Hugo Javier Melita, RUT 16388040-7.

Moreover, the deputy alleged that prisoners were being held between the two leaders of SERNAM and the daughter of one of only 16 years, who were beaten by police officers inside the police car, putting as justification that they would carry the bag marked . Later, police charged with theft lobbied the officials arrested if they paid the backpack, as witness to such incidents reported to Parliament.

On 27 August, the staff of SERNAM and her daughter brought an action for amparo, represented by attorney Nelson Caucoto for ill and Monday, the photographic material was handed over to prosecutors for investigation. "Those affected have made the complaint in court, but certainly this is an action that begins at the Ministry of Interior. Infiltrates policemen in civilian clothes carrying backpacks and students who are also going to cause or lead to disorder, which the security forces violently repressed especially blaming the students.

The same may be happening in relation to the Mapuche people, "said the helmsman of the PC. "The Minister Hinzpeter should clarify whether this is the way it is going to try to social organizations and if this is the way of living to which we invited the government. They are ways of doing things that remind practices that boasted they were banished, this may be also affecting political leaders and parties, "said the deputy, who was present in that mobilization.

Teillier said all the assistance will be provided up to clarify the facts and find those responsible for this show, because "even the international press looked the colonel in charge of operating a ruling that day, but the Lord. Miguel Angel Castro did not respond and so far, neither have the police high command and no less the Government as to whether this is also part of the security policy for the country, "said the deputy.