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Thanks for posting those videos. The pre-emptive application of state security secrecy was obviously taken advantage of to cover-up a CIA coup.
Dawn Meredith Wrote:No-one could remember dialogue from that long ago, so I have no problem with the posts doubting the dialogue, but what about the actual books? The information contained in each. ( Judyth's and Haslam's) I read both and believe they are important books.
Did you - CD and Jan- read these books?


Hi Dawn - more of my concerns can be found in post #15 here.

I will go further.

In the Cold War period, Tulane was the site of deeply disturbing experimentation, often funded by American intelligence through cutouts such as foundations.

Tulane's Dr Robert G Heath was a major MK-ULTRA player, though less well known than the likes of Ewen Cameron and Louis Jolyon West.

Part of my working hypothesis is that Haslam's research has uncovered scientific crimes of considerable signficance.

Another part of my working hypothesis is that Lee Harvey Oswald and Judyth Vary Baker have been inserted into these scientific crimes, and that their presence as pivotal players in these events is both unnecessary and unlikely.

If it is is true that Ferrie was experimenting on mice in his home, then he may well have been trying to develop a poison. However, the whole Ferrie-was-testing-a-cancer-causing-virus-to-use-to-kill-Castro, or whatever the claim actually is, strikes me as a ripping yarn.

The historical context is important too.

I spent several years in the 1990s interviewing members of a generation of people who had been born in the 40s, 50s and early 60s and who claimed to have been experimented upon as children by behaviourist scientists, many with links to MK-ULTRA and other mind control doctors.

Some of their accounts were almost certainly not true. Several had considerable corroborating details and, on the balance of probabilities, are likely genuine.

I also conducted an extensive search of the scientific literature. I will be discreet here, to preserve and protect research techniques.

However, in short, when Heath was sticking electrodes in the heads of his test subjects - including prisoners and children - to attempt to change their behaviour in fundamental ways, this was not a secret.

Consider the experimentation on Ted Kaczynski and his peers at Harvard by Dr Henry Murray of the OSS. There was nothing essentially covert about this.

Then consider Operation Whitecoat.

This was the testing of biological warfare agents on Conscientious Objectors at Fort Detrick.

It is my conviction that if US intelligence was developing a biological weapon to assassinate Castro, the research would have taken place in a university laboratory or at a specialist site such as Fort Detrick. Human field trials would then have taken place. US and Big Pharma colonies such as Haiti, Costa Rica and Panama would probably have been the locations of these terminal human tests.

Ferrie, Oswald, Baker and some mice? I don't think so.
I don't know, doesn't the Clinton trip kind of prove Haslam's story?
Albert Doyle Wrote:I don't know, doesn't the Clinton trip kind of prove Haslam's story?

Albert - not sure of your meaning. Are you referring to Clay Shaw driving Oswald to Clinton so he could register to vote?
Jan Klimkowski Wrote:Ferrie, Oswald, Baker and some mice? I don't think so.

This observation and the material which precedes it in post 32 above comprise a piece of brilliant deep political research-based reasoning.

For some, LHO and the greater JFK conspiracy are the gifts that keep on giving.
Jan Klimkowski Wrote:Albert - not sure of your meaning. Are you referring to Clay Shaw driving Oswald to Clinton so he could register to vote?

Why was Baker along?

And couldn't they trace an Angola inmate who died of cancer 28 days later?

which contains

Interview with America's leading vaccine developer
Hear the Chief of Vaccines explain how the massive cross-contamination of monkeys in Merck's laboratories lead him to import African Green Monkeys loaded with SIV (ancestor virus to HIV/AIDS) into the U.S. for research in his vaccine laboratory. Then Hilleman details how he personally broke the news to the polio vaccine developer Albert Sabin in 1954 that he had found SV-40, a cancer causing virus in Sabin's polio vaccine. Hilleman is interviewed by Edward Shorter, Professor of the History of Medicine at the University of Toronto and author of The Health Century, the book which triggered that PBS TV series. The question is: What did they do once they knew? Was there a "Medical Manhattan Project" to produce a vaccine in time?

Interview with the witness to the witness - Anna Lewis
Anna Lewis knew Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. Anna's husband, David Lewis, worked for the notorious Guy Banister and knew David Ferrie well. Hear Anna describe how she and her husband socialized with Judyth and Lee that summer, including an evening at the 500 Club on Bourbon Street where they personally met with Mafia boss Carlos Marcello. Hear Anna admit that she lied to Jim Garrison when she told him that she did not know Lee Harvey Oswald. Video. Plays-on-demand. Free. 34 minutes. Google video.

Video interview with the author - Ed Haslam
Hear the author discuss the contamination of the polio vaccine and the Medical Manhattan Project that used radiation to mutate monkey viruses in hopes of developing an anti-cancer vaccine. Hear him describe what is wrong with the official explanation of Dr. Mary Sherman's murder. And hear him introduce his new witness, Judyth Vary Baker, who has come forward to explain how she became involved in the underground medical laboratory in David Ferrie's apartment… and how Lee Harvey Oswald was involved. This 2003 interview was conducted by award-winning journalist and best-selling author Jim Marrs. Video. Free. 58 min.

Click here to listen to a one hour interview (with graphics) by Dr. Jim Fetzer on April 17, 2010 which is missing but there are four 40-minutes segments of the Coast to Coast radio show...

Click here to listen to a two hour radio interview recorded March 14, 2009 on The American Awakening.

and more...


[Image: image007.jpg]


A 10-minute (Wim Dankbaar's) interview with Haslam:


A Google search for "Edward Haslam"


James Fetzer's blog which includes lots of text, a 9:40 min. YouTube on Jim Garrison, Chapter 17 of the original "Mary, Ferrie, & The Monkey Virus", and a series of videos which has been removed.
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Judyth Vary Baker, Girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, Survives Another Attemp On Her Life While In Toronto

October 31, 2011 by POPEYE
Filed under Canada

[Image: JVB.jpg](Sydney White) On the 18th of October, the crowd in the book store was overflowing to the doors. The enormous cake for the 72nd birthday of Lee Harvey Oswald was in the centre and Judith Vary Baker stood over it, ready to cut the first piece. She had kept her promise to Lee, that she would clear his name and let his children know that he was not the killer of President Kennedy but a young man who had tried to stop it. Her book, "Lee and Me" was selling like the proverbial hotcakes, and the line-up for autographed copies lasted two hours. I bought a copy and read it before my interview with her on Friday, October 21st. Over the next two days, I was drawn so completely into the book that I cancelled two events and several chores. It was not written like a textbook or an affidavit, but was more a diary of what happened to a naive school girl caught up in a conspiracy that was beyond her experience. She was a student with an aptitude for science who wanted to find a cure for cancer. She was twenty and Lee was twenty-three, when they met, fell in love and were both used and abused by those determined to kill Kennedy and/or Castro. I arrived at the hotel around 4 on the 21st and was invited by Judith to her "celebration" family dinner where she said we could talk in an informal atmosphere. Little did I know our conversation would be cut short. She asked that I sit next to her at the head of the table where she related conversations with Lee, as if they were yesterday… "Lee said that you could never own your own house, because they could take if from you for taxes." She loved the health care system in Sweden. She would love to get another dog but "would not outlive another dog". I replied that of course she would. She replied "No, I would not." I looked away, at the dozen people enjoying the dinner, laughing, toasting, family that Judith had not seen in years. It was not safe for her to bring them into her life. Some of her relatives did not want to have her in their lives, she explained, understanding their fear. Suddenly she said, "I think my gum is bleeding". As I stared, she put her finger in her mouth and brought out a pointed piece of glass. I took it from her as she reached in again and removed another small piece of glass. She said "There's something in my throat". I called the waitress over and told her to get the manager; I showed her the pieces of glass on the table. The celebration was still going on; they could not see or hear what had transpired at the head of the table. They only realized what had happened when they heard me ask the manager to call an ambulance. There was obviously glass in Judith's throat and possibly in her stomach. In fact, there were smaller sand sized pieces of glass throughout the meat on her plate. I explained to the manager that this lady was not a Canadian and had no health insurance here. After a slight hesitation he said that the hotel would pay for her emergency care. Judith anxiously asked that I come in the ambulance with her; the family were told where she was going so they could meet her at the hospital. Her reunion celebration ended as daughters, sons, grandchildren and her stepfather, shocked, went to their cars . In the ambulance, she had some difficulty swallowing as there seemed to be glass stuck in her throat. At the hospital, she was immediately taken to the triage room where her daughter was the only one allowed to sit beside her. The room was full. In spite of this frightening end to the reunion she had looked forward to for so long, Judith was determined to get to her book signing in Montreal the next day. I wondered, as her son drove me home, how this night would end. I heard from her agent on the weekend, that indeed, this determined lady was in Montreal the next day. I salute you Judith for your honesty and your true grit. Sydney WhiteInvestigative ReporterStudies in PropagandaThe Free University of TorontoToronto, OntarioCanada.LISTEN TO POPEYE'S TWO (2) HOUR INTERVIEW WITH JUDYTH ON 07/17/2011 BELOW:
Link To Video On YT: her websites out and get her book here: & OUT JUDYTH'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERELISTEN TO POPEYE'S SHOW HERE
I've been rather neutral on the issue of JVB, seeing the points of those who think she has invented or inserted herself a bit too much [some think entirely], but have kept an open mind, perhaps because I've been in contact with her by happenstance - not seeking her we both live in Europe. I can't find it, but last week Linda Minor wrote on this forum of meeting her for a week in Canada [where she is doing lectures and book signings] and of being quite impressed with her. I've always been VERY impressed with Linda Minor, so find that a very interesting endorsement! A long interview with JVB can now be found on the internet from her Canadian visit. If someone can find the post by Minor, I suggest it be linked to this thread. I can't find it now...spent a lot of time searching.
Jan Klimkowski Wrote:
Quote:Chapter 15 of Me and Lee [page 280-281] recounts the meeting on Saturday, May 11, 1963 between Dr. Mary Sherman, the author Judith Vary Baker, Lee Harvey Oswald, and David Ferrie. [In reverse order, the four players in this vignette are: the wandering bishop noted in Peter Levenda's "Sinister Forces"; the alleged "lone nut" patsied by the security state he worked for and killed on live television by Jacob Rubenstein, better known as Jack "Sparky" Ruby; the author (a youthful savant in cancer research); and an expert on bone tumors whose own strange un-investigated murder was the focus of a cover-up.

After the meetings and greetings, the finger sandwiches and fruit compote, "Dave said, "Listen to this... Dr. Heath tells new technique. Electrical impulses sent deep into brain… (a patient)… had tiny wires implanted into precise spots in his brain. The wires were attached to a self-stimulator box, which was equipped at a push of a button to deliver a tiny, electrical impulse to the brain…" Dave paused to let what he was reading sink in. "I wonder how many brains Heath went through before he had success with these two? How long did it take to find those "precise spots" in their brains with his hot little wires?"

"Dr. Ochsner would never do such a thing," Dr. Mary said, pouring me some tea.

"It sounds like science fiction," Dave said. "Who knows what kind of mind control could be exerted over brain, 20 or 30 years from now?" [But see "Controlling the Human Mind - The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance" by Nick Begich, Jr., the son of the Congressman killed with Hale Boggs, the most vocal critic among the Warren Commission members, in an Alaskan plane crash.]

"I doubt John Q. Public will ever have a clue," Dr. Mary replied. "They certainly have no idea they were getting cancer-causing monkey viruses in their polio vaccines," she added bitterly. Seeing my expression of shock, Dr. Mary went on to explain that she and a few others had privately protested the marketing of the SV 40-contaminated polio vaccine, but to no avail. The government continued to allow the distribution of millions of doses of the contaminated vaccine in America and abroad.

She said she was told that the new batches of the vaccine would be free of the cancerous virus, but privately she doubted it, noting that the huge stockpile of vaccines she knew were contaminated had not been recalled. To recall them would damage the public's public's confidence, she explained....."

The essentials of my concern about this account are as follows:

i) Robert G Heath was a genuine "doctor" performing electronic stimulation of brains in his department at Tulane. Heath was an MK-ULTRA contractor. I have personally interviewed several adults who claimed that Heath experimented on them as children. They have no documentary proof of this claim. However, they provided certain circumstantial details which are intriguing and provocative. Fundamentally, though, Heath's attempts to control the human brain through electronic stimulation administered within a Behaviourist and Pavlovian framework FAILED;

ii) the contamination of polio vaccine with SV-40 has been known since 1960. Here's a mainstream scientific account. Full version in the Journal of Clinical Oncology here:

Quote:The discovery of SV40 was reported in 1960 as a contaminant present in polio vaccine stocks.1 At this time, polio vaccine was being produced in primary kidney cells and tissue harvested from rhesus and cynomolgus macaques. Safety testing of vaccine preparations on cultures of African green monkey kidney cells uncovered the presence of SV40, a "vacuolating agent," that induced a cytopathic effect in some cultures.1 SV40 was detected in preparations of both the inactivated, or Salk, poliovirus vaccine and the live attenuated, or Sabin, poliovirus vaccine. In the United States, the Salk inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) was used to inoculate 98 million children and adults between 1955 and 1963, whereas about 10,000 people received the Sabin oral polio vaccine (OPV) through clinical trials between 1959 and 1961.2,3 Because OPV was not licensed in the United States until 1963, after the establishment of government regulations requiring all poliovirus vaccine to be free of SV40, vaccination with IPV from 1955 to 1963 is thought to be the primary source of human exposure to SV40 in the United States. An adenovirus vaccine developed by the United States military and used to vaccinate Army recruits during this period was also found to be highly contaminated with SV40.4 However, because of its limited distribution, this vaccine is not thought to have posed a significant risk for exposure of SV40 into the general population.

Both the Salk and Sabin vaccines, including poliovirus stocks, cell cultures, and the methodologies necessary to generate the vaccine, were distributed to many countries throughout the world. In at least some instances, vaccines produced in other countries were also contaminated with SV40 virus. A recent report provides evidence that some polio vaccines prepared by an Eastern European vaccine manufacturer were contaminated with SV40 and used in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as late as 1978.5

So, the quotes attributed to David Ferrie and Dr Mary Sherman are potentially possible.

The Fascist Dream of Control Through Electrical Implants (be it Heath or Delgado) is naturally concerning.

It is also entirely likely that any 1960s vaccine insider with knowledge of laboratory mutagenicity tests on SV40 would have been incredibly worried.

I've made films investigating and exposing Big Pharma, and the fundamental motivation of the multinationals is not the Curing or Eradication of Disease. It is the Maximisation of Profit. A certain amount of Disease is Good for Business.

However, my core fear is that, from matters which have some historical basis and should concern us all, a sugary confection has been baked.

The Lovers, Lee and Judyth, get the best lines in this screenplay:

Quote:"We've created a galloping cancer," [said Judyth Baker].… We are developing this weapon to eliminate a head of state. But what if we get Castro? Will they really just throw this stuff away?"

"It could be used as a weapon of mass distraction," [said Lee Harvey Oswald] simply.

"Yes… think I'll Hitler would have loved this, to use against the Jews in those camps. They could say a plague went through."

"Or to eliminate Negroes in Africa," Lee said with a cold tone in his voice."

Page 391, "Me and Lee"

Lines that are overblown, anachronistic, and strike me as hugely unlikely.

This is weirdo stuff for me. Judyth Vary Baker, a completely untrained, uneducated "scientist", "genius" doing cancer research??? Never happened. Very doubtful that she even really knew Dr. Mary Sherman, or Marina Oswald's husband, the 5'9" (Lee) Harvey Oswald. or David Ferrie. Didin't her husband, Robert, say that she worked at a hamburger joint, White Castle, or something like that in New Orleans? Then later as a secretary at the Reily Coffee Company? Oswald a coffee-grinder machine oiler, wasn't he, in a far-away part of their building?

I have known real virologists and cancer researchers, and believe me, they did not become scientists right after high school or a year or so of college. It takes years of intensive study and work. And, if Dr. Mary Sherman had a cancer project going, she would have hired first-rate technical and scientific staff. So would the CIA, and even Robert G. Heath.

By the way, I was at Tulane University School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, and I know a lot about that place and the people there, a lot..

This is one very sad case of a person cleverly winding herself into a real situation, and being the "star" of the movie. There are a lot of people like this out there, and a good psychiatrrist can quickly figure them out, and so can an experienced policeman/detective. Police departments are sometimes overwhelmed by people confessing to a sensationalistic murder which they did not commit, or were not involved in in any way. This is similar to the entwinement by Judyth V. Baker into the JFK assassination and into the CIA murder plots on Fidel Castro. Even though the CIA has done some really stupid things, I can't conceive that they would have decided to use cancer virus-containing materials to eliminate someone like Castro when rifles or poisons would have been so much quicker. People can live a long time with cancer, depending upon the type of cancer and their immune systems. And also, foreign animal cells, or products injected would be quickly destroyed by a human immune system.

I wonder how many have read Ed Haslam's earlier two versions of his later book. These were titled Mary, Ferrie, and the Monkey Virus. He showed the relationship between the polio vaccine and soft-tissue cancer growths, and also figured out how Dr. Mary Sherman died. For those reasons, that much of his work has real value.

Incidentally, the person who discovered the relationship between viruses being one causative agent in inducing cancer tumor growths was Dr. Peyton Rous, when a young scientist at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (as it was called then, becoming Rockefeller University in the 1960s). I met him there in 1955 when I was a Visiting Investigator in Dr. David Lloyd's laboratory. Dr. Rous and I had lunch together one day and he told me how he had made his famous discovery, in 1911 (or so). He won his Nobel Prize for that work in 1967, I think it was.

Judyth could not have done those experiments.

Has anyone wondered if she could have been a witting, or even an unwitting, agent of distraction and/or disinformation? The JFK research community has certainly spent a lot of time and effort in dealing with her. Rich DellaRosa had her on for a time on his forum and then asked her to leave because it was a waste of time. His sister, a professor of Psychology, diagnosed her affliction as Pseudologia Fantastica (fantastic falseword), one of the factitious disorders. In other words, pathologiocal lying, possibly an ego defense mechanism in attempting to repair a shattered ego. There is no known treatment for it, according to psychiatric textbooks, and the cause seems to be unknown, although childhood abuse has been mentioned. She needs help, but JFK researchers should not be validating her fictional life story, because that is not helping her.
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