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Full Version: The 'Strange' Death of Hale Boggs
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Strange article indeed. Hard to believe someone would marry one's former mate's killer - even unwittingly. Many strange names appear. Licavoli was a very close contact of Johnny Roselli, who was in some way involved or knowledgeable of the JFK assassination - to name just one.

I think filling for the documents about whatever search was or was not attempted would be the most fruitful trail to follow, though they may well have been tampered with or 'disappeared' if there was foul play at the highest levels, which seems to me to be the case.

While it is strange that Cokie Roberts doesn't want to 'look there' at foul play [assassination], it is somewhat understandable if not forgivable IMHO...but she was obviously not involved and may well have no clue who was - in fact that is likely - especially since she doesn't want to even look into it, apparently.

This interview contains some new and interesting details and thoughts on the death of Boggs... The parts on Boggs are well into the interview. They include, among other things, that Boggs knew and was in contact with Garrison, and Boggs was behind the scenes thinking about re-opening some kind of investigation of the JFK Assassination. Further, that Hoover et al. were bugging everyone in Congress and making life difficult for Boggs before his death.

I'm sure directed energy weapons exist. A strong flashlight shone in someone's eyes is a directed energy weapon. Some are probably much worse than that. I'm sure there has been no shortage in the defense budget to research possibilities in that area. I doubt they have much to do with the Boggs or any other plane crash...critical avionics are no doubt enclosed in what amounts to a Faraday cage, and the fuselage creates similar protection against ordinary EM waves.

If there is a team of people in charge of making inconvenient politician's planes crash, I'd think twice before volunteering to be on the team if I wanted to have a normal life not looking over my shoulder.
Please, one doesn't need directed energy weapons to bring down a plane - less so in 1972. Planes, by nature, want to fall out of the sky. Tens to hundreds of tons of metal don't naturally float in the air, and anything that disables the pilot[s], the engine[s], the navigation, the control systems or the integrity of the plane's structure can easily bring it down. One can easily list a host of low tech ways to do any of these. The point is not so much the how, but that plane crashes and car crashes and murders made to look like suicides along with some assassinations that were grand conspiracies made to look like the work of a deranged 'lone-nut' are endlessly common. Further, they are rarely if ever investigated as those who pull off the deed also have some levers of control over the investigation. Nothing could be further from democracy and justice than such actions by a few to control the polity of the many.

"Over the postwar years, we have granted to the elite and secret police within our system vast new powers over the lives and liberties of the people. At the request of the trusted and respected heads of those forces, and their appeal to the necessities of national security, we have exempted those grants of power from due accounting and strict surveillance."
--House Majority Leader Hale Boggs, in a speech before Congress, 22 April 1971
"[FBI Director J. Edgar] Hoover lied his eyes out to the [Warren] Commission on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the bullets, the gun, you name it."
--Hale Boggs, speaking to an aide, cited by Bernard Fensterwald, Coincidence or Conspiracy?

[FONT=&amp]Congressman Boggs plane disappeared on a flight in Alaska from Anchorage to Juneau on Oct 16, 1972, less than 30 days before Nixon was re-elected President in 1972. U.S. Military Intelligence, jointly with other U.S. espionage agencies reportedly located the Congressmans airplane but have concealed that and the story has always stood that the aircraft was never found.[/FONT][FONT=&amp]Twenty years later, in 1992, a Freedom of Information Act Request by Roll Call Magazine unearthed an FBI telex indicating that the plane was located and never retrieved. Information obtained by a government verified source described the location of the plane and stated that there were two survivors shortly after the plane disappeared. The information indicated an undisclosed "firm" involved in testing advanced surveillance equipment had located the crash. The informant had a military background, according to the FBI document obtained by Roll Call.[/FONT][FONT=&amp]The FBI telex was sent to the Washington, D.C. FBI headquarters where it was presumably passed to the Acting Director, L. Patrick Gray. The previous director, J. Edgar Hoover, had been in a significant conflict with Boggs, who called for his resignation on the floor of the Congress. Boggs was one of the most powerful people in the country at a time and privately talking to Garrison and considering how to reopen the JFK assassination investigation. He was being bugged 24/7 by at least the FBI, if not other agencies.

Quote:"Mr Speaker, 1984 is closer than we think.'" - Hale Boggs, Congressional Record -- House, April 22, 1971, p. 11564 - 11565

There is also a Nixon 'tape' in which he discusses 'something having to be done' with Hale Boggs.

The FBI telex was only released after a FOIA battle, redacted, in the order of page 1,3,2, below

His youngest daughter radio journalist Kokie Roberts has now gone on record stating the untruth that her father did not dissent with the Warren Report - anything to keep one's career and out of trouble.....
::prison::[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8634&stc=1][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8633&stc=1][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8632&stc=1]
It wouldn't be surprising if there was something not disclosed to the public in the early '70s that ultimately destroyed Nixon's Republican support in Congress, but I don't think they would have let him off with a resignation and a pardon if he was personally involved with a suspicious death of a member of Congress.
Frank Castro was questioned about my father's whereabouts, Frank said he believed Kaiser went back to Alaska. The FBI had contacted Ft. Richardson where my father had gained access to the base, and according to the FBI documents my father was under investigation for impersonating an officer in the United States Army and had entered Ft. Richardson Army Base on October 1972. There he would remain in Alaska for the next few weeks until the disappearance of Congressman Hale Boggs who was also a member of the Warren Commission. The largest search and rescue operations in Alaska began with the disappearance of Congressmen Hale Boggs (D-LA) and Nicholas Begich (D-K), Russell Brown, aid to Congressman Begich, and their pilot, Don Jonz. They had taken off from Anchorage International Airport in a Cessna 310 for Juneau during the morning after being guest of honor at a fund raiser in Anchorage the evening before. The link below will provide the Aircraft Accident Report. The telephone number 305-443-0232 belonged to Frank Castro. Sure, there was that 1972 plane crash, and there was also that 1976 Cuban airliner that was blown up too.

If you want to read the entire report copy and paste the link above into your web browser.
Edwin Kaiser had returned to Florida on October 18, 1972.
Quote:after being guest of honor at a fund raiser in Anchorage the evening before.

It was all very conveniently planned.
There are documents not even the MFF has on my father, information no one has ever known, it's this information I plan on exposing, information that needs to be told. However, I can just imagine some of you thinking well, it's just another coincidence that Kaiser happened to be in Alaska when Boggs plane went down, okay, you just think that. You may be right, Kaiser really had no reason to be in Alaska in October 1972 right?
(If) the pilot flew from Fairbanks, and Kaiser was in Fairbanks, and packages were placed on the plane as witnesses witnessed. And, Kaiser later surfaced at Ft. Richardson, and the FBI was investigating Kaiser's visit to Ft. Richardson, and Ft. Richardson is just outside of Anchorage, Alaska, then, what else is there to go on?

I'd say one has to pretty much piece it together because the company, division or the oversight committee who needed to cover it up and make sure Oswald was the lone assassin even though they tried branding Oswald as a Castro agent it really didn't work, although, it was believed, Cuba would be invaded after assassinating Kennedy because of branding Oswald, simply put, LBJ did NOT want to risk a war with Russia, and this IS the very reason he (LBJ) allowed them to "run amok" the company is NOT going to give you all the answers if you know what I mean?
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