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Full Version: Nestor Kirchner, former president of Argentina and husband of current president, has died
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The Argentine stock market surged on hearing of his death and the IMF have praised his stewardship of the Argentine economy and said he will be greatly missed.:eviltongue: No thanks to the IMF who would have broken the country rather than see the people eat. Kircher told the IMF they could stick their loans where the sun don't shine and that they weren't going to get it paid back and that they could piss off and take their debts with them and that it was an Odious Debt anyway and the people of Argentina were not liable for it. Or words to that effect. He also went about removing the immunity that the Generals had claimed for themselves and their crimes. He and his wife were also very active in reuniting the children stolen by the military with their birth families. Kirchner will be missed badly by many in Argentina but not by the IMF nor the 'investors'. A good man gone.
I heard it was a heart attack and while natural death does sometimes still occur to leftists and nationalists, I'm always suspicious of there any word of any?...yet?
It's will be hard to know for sure. There will be an inquest. I have heard about foul play and one of the persons he was with at the time is not trusted. On the other hand he has some history with heart problems though doctors did declare him in good health just very recently. Perhaps a helping hand over the edge? There is no proof though.
The economic significance of the Kircher presidency.
Sorry, in Spanish.