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Full Version: List of anniversary candidates - Input is always welcome
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Myra Bronstein

Here is a list of anniversary candidates that DPF staff members came up with. Input is welcome. What deep political historical events are not on this list?

January 20, 1981: Release of US hostages held by Iran (and the end of October Surprise)

February 21, 1965: Murder of Malcolm X in the US

Feb 27, 1933: Reichstag fire in Germany

March 25, 1911:Triangle Waistshirt building fire Now International Women's Day in US

April 4, 1968: Murder of Dr. Martin Luther King in US

April 30, 1975: Capture of Saigon (and US defeat in Vietnam)

May, 1967: Paris student riots

May 2-8, 1945: The defeat of German fascism in Europe

May 11, 1981: Convenient death of Bob Marley

June 6, 1968: Murder of Bobby Kennedy in the US

June 17, 1982: Death of Roberto Calvi of P2 connected and money laundering Banco Ambrosio

July 16, 1999: Convenient death of John F. Kennedy Jr in US

August 2, 1980: Bologna massacre (Gladio) in Italy

August 4, 1964: Gulf of Tonkin 'incident'

August 6, 1945: The first nuclear bomb human experiment

August 19, 1953: *Iranian coup/Overthrow of Mosaddegh of Iran

August 31, 1939: Gleiwitz 'incident' in Germany
August 31, 1997: *Convenient death by car crash of Diana in France

September 11, 1973: *The Chilean US sponsored coup/The attack on the Moneda Palace and murder of Allende.

September 13, 2008: *DPF birthday

September 28, 1978: Mysterious death of Pope John Paul 1 in Italy

October 6, 1976: Explosion on Cuban flight 455 set up by Posada, Bosch et al

October 25, 1917: *The Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia

November 22, 1963: *US coup that ousted President John F. Kennedy

December 8, 1980: Murder of John Lennon in the US

December 21, 1988: Pan Am flight explodes over Lockerbie, Scottland
The Lincoln Assassination
So many....Silencing of LHO; Coups in Iran and many other countries; BOP set-up of JFK; Pearl Harbor; both uses of Nuclear weapons on civilian populations and a host of others....I'd suggest you consult a good historical calandar [many available online] and pick out from it the more significant ones and mention them on the day they coincide with [todays Deep Political Event(s) in History and Herstory]....I'll bet more than half of the days will have one. Some will be hard to have an exact date: Warren Commission; Garrison Trial, but you can use the first date of formation or the date of end and conclusion. don't forget Waco, OKlahoma bombing, 1st and 2nd WTC bombing, Johnstown....and so many more....I'd hate to make a comprehensive list, but suggest it keep growing and growing - there are, to my way of thinking, thousands - some of which are likely open to argument for inclusion or importance. [such as assassination of Gen. G. Patton - a fact in 'my book'], but one can try to keep it to those of general consensus. Death of a lot of witnesses to assassinations etc. [disappearing witnesses]. M Monroe's death, some of the events before Dallas indicating foreknowledge, etc. Did you have the assassination of Lennon, shooting of Wallace, various events in life of Iran-Contra, Palme assassination, Princess Di, 7/7, Lockerbee, BBCI, Nugan-Hand, Savings and Loan, Franklin National Bank, Enron theft of CA electricity, various NSAMs and Presidential edicts. Hard to put a date on things like Chaos, COINTELPRO, MK/ULTRA, Gladio, Garden Plot, Bank bailouts, etc. Patriot(sic) Act and others of its 'stringer' acts passed, Supreme Court 'appointing' President Bush....really endless. Thumb through Blum's book for lots of dates of invasions and assassinations. But that is only a start.....
June 17th, 1972 is also the date of the start of take down of Tricky Dick by the CIA. It is when the fake burglars got caught in the Watergate building.

June 25, 1876 -- the deep political betrayal and assassination of George Armstrong Custer.
Charles Drago Wrote:June 25, 1876 -- the deep political betrayal and assassination of George Armstrong Custer.

Charles,I'm intriqued by this statement.Could you possibly shed a little light on this?Maybe it's own thread.Thanks
Oh,thanks much Magda.

Myra Bronstein

Paul Rigby Wrote:The Lincoln Assassination

Absolutely. Thank you Paul.

Anyone else think the bankers killed him for printing greenbacks?

Myra Bronstein

Dawn Meredith Wrote:June 17th, 1972 is also the date of the start of take down of Tricky Dick by the CIA. It is when the fake burglars got caught in the Watergate building.


Oh yeah thank you Dawn. Watergate fits the pattern, of eliminating leaders that go against the wishes of the MIC, so well that it has to be a piece of the puzzle we're assembling.

I'm really eager to talk about this in fact. I feel like in both the 1963 coup that eliminated President Kennedy and the coup that eliminated Nixon the decisions were made higher up (military joint chiefs). Then the CIA did the wet work, and of course rich industrialists provided a lot of the funding.