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Full Version: Archive of EF Appollo Moon thread
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I have been requested to archive the original thread started by Evan Burton with participation by Jack White and James Fetzer on the EF as the original thread there has been Burtoned and if history is any guide it will disappear altogether soon.
Evan Burton
Super Member
20-January 05
NSW, Australia
Posted 12 August 2010 - 02:24 PM
I have long complained that Jack White makes Apollo-related claims but refuses to debate those claims with those who dispute his claims. Jim Fetzer similarly refused to debate his claims, and indeed accused me of not having an in depth knowledge of Apollo.

I believe the reason is because those parties cannot openly debate their Apollo claims without revealing the flaws in their claims or their lack of understanding regarding aspects of claims.

Therefore I have started this thread with the specific purpose of asking Jack White and / or Jim Fetzer to debate me on these claims, one-on-one.

I have arranged with Antti Hynonen (and other moderators as required) to act as adjudicators in this thread. The only people that will be allowed to post in the thread will be myself, Jack White, Jim Fetzer and the Forum moderators. Any other posts by others - regardless of their content - will be made invisible. The mods will determine if any post by any of the debating parties is against the rules, etc.

I will cease all use of moderator powers in this thread, with the exception of making invisible posts by persons other than the debate participants (Burton, White, Fetzer and mods). I will not edit or otherwise action posts made by the debate participants regardless of their content. All decisions regarding the debate will be made by the mods, and their decisions shall be full and final. The mods shall NOT include me in any discussion regarding their actions. If the mods wish to ask me a question, they shall post the question openly on the thread. The mods may consult with Jack White / Jim Fetzer privately, keeping their communications with them confidential from both myself and other Forum members.

I would also ask that the mods apply the Forum rules strictly upon myself, but allow Jack White and / or Jim Fetzer a reasonable amount of leeway in the debate.

I therefore invite Jack White and / or Jim Fetzer to present what they consider their single most compelling evidence for an 'Apollo hoax' on this thread, and I will attempt to refute it. No new 'evidence' shall be introduced unless the mods are happy that the previous issue has been properly debated or an impasse has been reached.

Will Jack or Jim participate?
The rest of the files.