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Full Version: Italian journalist claims NATO deposits toxic waste along Adriatic
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Italian journalist claims NATO deposits toxic waste along Adriatic

Croatian Times
NATO is disposing of bombs and missiles in the Adriatic sea, with toxic waste potentially reaching Croatian and Italian shores, an Italian journalist has warned.

Gianni Lannes claims that NATO and the Italian government are not telling the truth when claiming that these materials - bombs and missiles not used during military missions - are deposited in six pre-determined zones. Lannes says that in reality, there are 24 such zones which lie not only in international waters but also within Croatian and Italian state borders.

These zones span the Adriatic from Trieste in the north to Santa Maria di Leuce in the south.

The article warns of the existence of a large arsenal just fifty miles from Istrian shores. World War II bombs and bombs used by NATO during the bombing of Serbia in 1991 are said to have been deposited there.

The concentration of mustard gas, phosphorus and other poisonous chemicals is frightening, Lannes warns. He calls the deposits "mobile arsenals of death" as they are susceptible to water currents.

Italy has recently noted a large number of turtle and dolphin deaths. The Italian state agency Icram - which has been monitoring the phenomenon – says that many of the carcasses found contain burns and deep wounds.

Lanne’s book based on his investigations is coming out soon, the daily Jutarnji List writes.