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Full Version: George W. Bush's First Defense of And Likely Commission of Torture - by his own hands.
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Gary Trudeau [Doonsbury] went to Yale with W. and knew him slightly. But Trudeau was editor of the Yale paper and interviewed W [then head of a fraternity] - that was branding with hot iron the logo of the fraternity onto the buttocks of the initiates and he defended it and admitted to participating....interesting in light of his actions as President and his statement defending it after!.....the interview is on the BBC now.
What a charming man. Not. He's got form.
Magda Hassan Wrote:What a charming man. Not. He's got form.

It runs in the family!
It seems that the interview is not on the BBC now...
Oh, bugger. I was looking forward to listening to that.
Amazing! The've censored it! Well it can be heard on BBC World Service as The Interview via internet at least all day today and likely tomorrrow too. Someone was not happy with what he said!!!!