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Full Version: December 7, 1941: US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii is attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy
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Myra Bronstein

According to recent books FDR was well aware of the attack in advance since the Japanese code had been broken. And in fact he had provoked the Japanese into attacking, by blocking their access to oil, since he could not provoke Hitler into attacking so needed a back door into the war. On one hand he had promised the US would not enter a foreign war. On the other hand he wanted to help Churchill fight the Nazis. The solution to the dilemma--an outrageous "unprovoked" attack against the US on its own soil.

By some accounts FDR was stunned at the high number of casualties from the attack.
What are the books, or articles, that address this POV? As this is a great bone of contention, especially at this time of year and among the sons and grandsons of the survivors, this deserves to be aerated or taken out for a walk.
I heard that first on blackop radio episode 72 discussing "The Day of Deceit" by Robert B Stinnett.

I did not read the book yet, but I got the impression that the author did a very thorough research, like talking to some of the cryptographers that deciphered the Japanese transmissions.
Many thanks, Carsten.