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The Deep Politics Forum (hereinafter DPF) is an intellectual commons of sorts, comprised of research, insights, and informed speculation as offered by deep political adventurers the world over. We choose the term "commons" for its broad definition: a haven for work that that shall be universally accessible, and thus held by the undersigned the sole and current owners of DPF in trust. We are the custodians of this work and we take the responsibilities of that custodianship very seriously indeed.


The original six founders of DPF contributed financially, editorially, and manually to the tasks of creating and running a vibrant Internet entity. In a most tragic manner, one of those founders chose to betray her colleague's trust and, by extension, the trust of all DPF contributors by hacking and hijacking the DPF and subsequently claiming it falsely as her own property.

DPF does not, and never can, belong to one person. This issue is expanded upon below.

As we struggle to counter Myra Bronstein's perfidy, at this point in time we are constrained by legal, strategic, and tactical considerations from being completely forthcoming about the steps we are taking.

However, to our friends, readers, and members we humbly apologize for any confusion, disappointment, and/or trepidation that may have resulted from these events.

This site to the exclusion of all other sites, similarly named and otherwise is the ONLY bona-fide Deep Politics Forum. Rest assured that we have taken steps technical and legal to make certain that never again can one person seize control of this body of work of which we are custodians.

There has been much speculation about DPF and its current predicament on other forums. The motivations of the speculators will, for the moment, remain unaddressed. The following points, however, are offered to set the record straight.

1. At no time did we, the undersigned, claim that DPF was hacked "by outsiders". However, DPF most certainly was hacked according to a standard and fundamental definition of the term:

Hacking (English verb to hack, singular noun a hack) refers to the re-configuring or re-programming of a system to function in ways not facilitated by the owners. The terms "hack" and "hacking" are also used to refer to a modification of a program or device to give the user access to features that were otherwise unavailable, such as by circuit bending. It is from this usage that the term "hacking" is often used to refer to more nefarious criminal uses such as identity theft, credit card fraud, or other actions categorized as computer crime.

Again, legal advice constrains us from commenting further at this time.

2. On the Education Forum (hereinafter EF), the question of whether DPF was hosting a mirror site for Wikileaks was posed. We confirmed that DPF was indeed hosting such a mirror site. Whether this fact has any relevance to recent events is not yet clear. The short answer is probably not, but as of the date of this message the game is not yet over.

3. Whether the product of evil intent or simply a manifestation of perceptions undernourished by fact and/or intellectual discipline, a flood of disinformation has accompanied recent events at DPF. An example: As a simple review of EF posts relating to the hacking and hijacking of DPF will clearly reveal, the charge repeatedly made by certain parties at the EF that DPF does not permit free speech, and the similarly sourced and posited characterization that the EF does permit free speech because it has a "committee of administrators and moderators who make all important decisions by majority vote," are empirically and demonstrably false. We offer the following paragraph to set the record straight and in the spirit of deep political inquiry:

Quote:An EF moderator, military officer Evan Burton, whose bias and deceit are frequently commented upon by EF members, locked the original EF thread about current events at DPF. The EF owner, John Simkin, later confirmed that neither he nor any other moderator was asked to vote on the locking of the thread, and he therefore ordered it unlocked.

The larger and far more important point: Deep political investigations do not exist in some utopian arena where all sides are playing fair. The sponsors of the assassinations of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert F Kennedy, the traitors who protected the most brutal Nazi scientists from justice and created real world laboratories for their continued work, the geopoliticians who created Gladio and the Strategy of Tension of false flag atrocities and chaos - none of these groups "play fair". Indeed, their acknowledged tactics include the disruption and diversion of investigations, and the use of "mockingbirds" - agent provocateurs whose aim is to fracture protest and hide the truth.

DPF was created, in part, to counter these tactics. Accordingly and as an example, the DPF is not interested in endless sterile debate about how the "Lone Nutter" Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. DPF is interested in identifying the Mechanics, Facilitators and Sponsors of the slaughter of JFK and, by doing so, effecting justice.

From this, it follows that when "mockingbirds" or agent provocateurs are identified, they will be banned from DPF.


On or about December 22, 2010, Myra Bronstein the individual who hacked and hijacked DPF posted on her stolen site a long, sometimes incoherent, factually incorrect, and perhaps libelous rant in a desperate effort to justify her heinous acts.

It comes as small surprise that the aforementioned Evan Burton leapt at the opportunity to regurgitate Bronstein's disinformation on the EF. Birds of a feather do indeed seem to flock together. The fact that Bronstein has joined the ranks of Burton and his ilk cannot be denied and will not be forgotten.

We make the following points so as to correct the record that Myra Bronstein has knowingly falsified and that Evan Burton and others eagerly choose to regurgitate and embrace as holy writ.

1. The DPF forum rules require members to use real names, unless there is a very good reason not to, such as fear of reprisal or targeting, and the real name is known to DPF moderators. In the case of "Peter Tosh," the identity of the person (or persons) posting under this pseudonym were known to the moderators, and the pseudonym made half-a-dozen posts over two years. These posts primarily concerned the naming of fascists and neo-Nazis. The use of the pseudonym was clearly justified according to DPF rules written to prevent retaliation against the poster and/or their family.

As the preserved record demonstrates, it was proven to Myra Bronstein that she knew that "Peter Tosh" was a pseudonym used for such purposes, that "Peter Tosh" had posted as early as 2008, and that Bronstein, like other moderators, had the password. Her claims that the use of the "Peter Tosh" pseudonym was a breach of forum rules are demonstrably false. Nonetheless, Bronstein sought to "discipline" a moderator for the approved and therefore legitimate pseudonym usage. In so doing, not only was Bronstein acting maliciously, but she was also showing a complete absence of deep political insight.

(We note with dismay and distress that Bronstein has published and alluded to private communications in her "statements" on the EF and elsewhere. For the record, "Peter Tosh" posted over a period of two years, with the knowledge and awareness of all moderators, including Myra Bronstein. No one of us is the single source of this important deep political information. WE are all Peter Tosh.)

In "outing" the poster(s) using the "Peter Tosh" pseudonym or, more appropriately within the deep political struggle, nom de guerre Myra Bronstein has placed a number of individuals at grave risk of retribution originating with the dark forces they had exposed. This act is unforgivable.

2. Contrary to her claim, Myra Bronstein does not "own the works." As the preserved record demonstrates, in order to bolster such a blatantly false statement, Bronstein used deceit to obtain the administrator password and privileges of a fellow DPF administrator, and then changed the password so as to deny the rights of access to her fellow DPF administrator. A more blatant case of deceit, theft, and hacking/hijacking is hard to imagine.

For the record: When DPF was in its formative stages, the six original founders sidestepped the issue of ownership and instead agreed, in principle and unanimously, that they would jointly hold the DPF copyright. Further, all agreed that their majority vote would be necessary to remove or restore one of their number from or to the position of copyright holder.

In point of fact, a precedent for a removal action exists. Myra Bronstein knowingly and willingly took part in that action, thus establishing her acceptance of the authority of a simple majority. For Bronstein now to claim that a unanimous vote is required to restore a former copyright holder's position is, to be kind, disingenuous.

Be advised: Due to the recent actions of Myra Bronstein, the remaining copyright holders of DPF are taking legal steps to clarify the owner/copyright holder issue.

3. We note that, in her aforementioned screed, Myra Bronstein makes clear legal admissions to having "turned the forum off." We quote her: "After thinking about it some more and realizing I could never again trust the Mods I got dejected and dropped the database and directory structure." In essence, Myra Bronstein has admitted to hacking and hijacking the Deep Political Forum.

Myra Bronstein had no legal right to act in the fashion to which she admits.

A mountainous paper trail of evidence, wholly secure from hacking and hijacking, exists to prove our case.

This is with our lawyers.


We, the undersigned sole owners of the Deep Politics Forum, hereby extend our heartfelt gratitude to the scores of friends, researchers, and scholars deep political adventurers one and all who throughout the recent events herein under discussion have buoyed us with their loyalty and keen powers of observation. There are too many to name.


Myra Bronstein on December 19, 2010, posted the following on the DPF she had hacked and hijacked:

Quote:DPF is back with one major difference, I no longer have moderators to address issues of incivility on the forum. (The former moderators and I have been addressing issues of incivility between us. )

Because of this I ask that each member watch for problems on the forum, and notify me via the "Report Post" link. The "Report Post" link is an exclamation mark in a red triangle at the top right of every post. I will do my best to respond promptly to reported posts.

I expect that to be the only difference in how the forum is run. I apologize for the absence of DPF the past few days. And I welcome those who return.

Myra Bronstein, DPF Admin

Here is our reply:

Myra Bronstein, you are exposed as the hacker and hijacker of the Deep Politics Forum.

Myra Bronstein, you are banished.

Charles Drago, David Guyatt, Magda Hassan, Jan Klimkowski, Dawn Meredith, Peter Presland
The Founders and Current Sole Owners and Custodians of Deep Politics Forum
For the record I will not be replying to the massive disinfo campaign over at EF. Our joint statement here sums up what occurred eight days ago and already I see that people are misinterpreting that. Dean H commening on why it is ALWAY wrong to use a name not your own. We make VERY clear what the exceptions are and Myra was aware of this in 08. John Simkin permits peorple at EF to obscure both name and image when there is a compelling reason. We do the same. Not to deceive but to protect the person from potential harm. We also never had a unamimous rule for voting. It is and always was majority rule. Until Myra made up a new rule on 12/16. Now for her to be posting that was "always" the rule is simply false.

"Colby" has called me deceptive several times. More bs. If he reads the defination of "hacking" in our joint statement he will see that we WERE indeed hacked.

I am finding it very fitting that we are finally back up on Christmas Eve. WHen Myra "pulled the plug" (her words) on 12/16 she ended her missive with "kiss my ass and oh happy holidays".

Happy holidays to your too Myra and I hope you enjoy it with "Colby", Burton and the gang.

Cheers all. Stay safe over the holiday.

FWIW Did anyone else receive any emails supposedly from this forum during the time it was hacked, ?? Thanks b..
We sent out a mass email to all members on Christmas eve (my time) but did you receive something before than Bernice? Or was this from the woman who tried to purloin the forum for her own?
Surely this is a case where truth is indeed stranger than fiction. You have my support and appreciation for figuring out what happened and responding in a tough yet civilized manner.
My personal thanks, Pamela.

Bernice Moore Wrote:FWIW Did anyone else receive any emails supposedly from this forum during the time it was hacked, ?? Thanks b..

If, Bernice, you received a PM from this forum during the period in which Myra Bronstein's hacking/hijacking of the Deep Politics Forum remained unredressed, you likely were being victimized by Bronstein and/or other parties seeking to take advantage of Bronstein's perfidy.

yes they were from her, duh stupity, one word mainly emails on the 23rd, the only that bothered me was she in one used a persons name who was not member here, thinking i presume hopefully that i would try to raise some cane at the ef with it and stir the pot, causing another problem , if so, it did not work...i received then on the 23rd, 4 of them, thanks, :fullofit:
i did not contact anyone of the adm as you had more than your hands full at the time, magda wherever did you find the new smilies, some are really different, shall we say lol, Beeb
Thanks, Bernice.

Such perfidy is what we've come to expect from Myra Bronstein.

Such intelligence and loyalty is what we've come to expect from you.