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Full Version: Robert Morningstar on Houston Radio Discussing the JFK Assassination
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M* on Houston Radio discussing the JFK Assassination


from frog...thanks, b
Robert is a dear friend of long standing.

Most recently I saw him at George Michael Evica's funeral service. To my knowledge he and I were the only JFK colleagues of GM to attend.

Among our shared reminiscences that day was the JFK Lancer conference at which Robert arrived "late" and asked to be inserted into the program. GM, who was the conference chair, agreed, but he was overruled by Debra Conway.

Not to be denied, GM and I found a conference attendee who had driven to Dallas in a late model van equipped with an astounding array of AV gadgets. This gentleman agreed to allow Robert to show his video presentation on that equipment.

GM and I rounded up as many sympathetic conference goers as we could. At the lunch break we gathered at the van, which was parked in a lot across the street from our hotel.

We huddled around a small monitor. I said, "So it's come to this." We laughed. Robert's Tippet tape was played. Robust discussion ensued.

Robert Morningstar will challenge us, confound us, and enlighten us. He is a fearless investigator whose natural ability to "think outside the box" should be respected whether or not we find ourselves in agreement with his conclusions.

Laugh at Robert's work at your own peril.