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Full Version: New feature/link--Video Playlist (taa daa)
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Myra Bronstein

The videos on our YouTube channel (and a few others) have been organized into a linking Video Playlist so they're easier to browse and find.

Just go to the "Video Playlist" link in the forum's first navbar at the top of the page (DPF Home Page / DPF Channel @ YouTube / Video Playlist / Links...).

This is just version 1.0. Ideally it will be updated frequently and many more videos, and video categories, will be added. Please feel free to suggest additions and report errors.

Hope this new feature is useful to you.

Myra Bronstein

Also, as it says on the Video Playlist, please rate videos highly (5 stars) at YouTube so more people will see them.
Thank you so much for doing this Myra. I can see it took many evenings to collate and organise.
Round of applause. Standing ovation.

Take a bow Myra.

The work you've accomplished with this effort and elsewhere is as valuable as any research or investigative initiative.

You deserve the thanks of all who search for the truth.


Myra Bronstein

Wow, thanks Maggie, David and Charlie.

And thanks for setting up our YouTube channel Maggie. You selected great material.
Here is a place to order or watch Documentaries even the banned ones.

from tree frog....

this is from.....
...... Helmer Reenberg's site, in Europe...
He has other information posted, but have not as yet, persued...all..