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Full Version: Another Example of How Rich And Poor Are Treated Differently By Legal System......
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Chicago Millionaire Pays His Way Out of Jail Time in Deadly Hit and Run

A millionaire from Chicago has managed to buy his way out of jail despite being found guilty of killing two British citizens in a hit-and-run accident in Florida. Thirty-six-year-old Ryan Levin faced up to 30 years in jail for two counts of vehicular homicide and fleeing an accident scene. Levin, who drove a $120,000 Porsche, initially denied involvement in the accident. He avoided a jail sentence by paying an undisclosed settlement to the widows of his victims. Instead of jail he was sentenced to two years house arrest, 10 years probation. This was not Levin's first offense. In 2006 he ran over a Chicago police officer. He could still be extradited to Illinois for violating his parole.