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Full Version: Cost of military expenses since 9/11!
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Conservatively: $3,300,000,000,000 [not including cut-outs, private firms and armies, covert ops and intel expenses, etc.]. An amazing sum of money - that a few who make the money of war got...and was robbed from the rest of us; along with over one million lives and several tens of millions homeless and/or injured. :joystick:

So many good things that sum could have been spent for...but those in control do not want money spent for good things...but for their own evil and profit.....
That will get you quite a few small countries or a couple of medium sized ones. Or thousands of schools, universities, hospitals and health care clinics, immunisation programmes, aged care day centers, respite care, child care centers, libraries, public transport systems, road and rail infrastructure repairs, farmers insurance,cultural and sports venues.