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Full Version: Israel Erupts in Protest, Tens of Thousands Chant “Revolution”. Change in Israel may be coming.
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It was marked by extensive violence from the police towards the protesters.

I have no idea who Daphni Leef is, I presume some local celebrity, but she was arrested and violently dealt with which can be seen here. She is the one on the ground. The second arrest.

Today Saturday at 21:00 at Habima Square, Tel Aviv, we will meet to protest the disastrous behavior of city inspectors and police. The unnecessary arrests, and especially the unnecessary violence used against us, during a legitimate protest.

In the picture Daphni Leef is violently arrested by the Yasam Police Special Patrol Unit as if she was At least Al Qaeda terrorist.
while all she did was calling to everyone to come with tents to the Rothschild boulevard yesturday, Very difficult to believe that this is not a planned arrest, a political detention - Designed to frighten, which is more appropriate for regimes like Syria, Russia, China and North Korea. and not in "the only democracy in the Middle East" as Netanyahu boasts
Photo by Yamit Shannon-Mizrahi

[URL=""][Image: 428427_485839478109756_169232071_n.jpg]
I believe she was considered one of the main leaders of last year's 'economic' protest movement.

July 14, 2012- TEL AVIV - ISRAEL. An Israeli protester set himself on fire during a rally on Saturday to protest against the high cost of living and social issues.

This is the note he left behind:

"The State of Israel has stolen from me and robbed me, left me with nothing
and the Tel Aviv District Court blocked me from getting justice. registrar at the Tel Aviv District court, broke the law, disrupted legal proceedings, out of condescension.
It won't even assist me with my rental fees
Two committees from the Ministry of Housing have rejected me, despite the fact that I have undergone a stroke and was granted 100% work disability
Ask the manager of Amidar, in Hafia, on Hanevi'im Street.
I blame the State of Israel
I blame Bibi Netanyahu
and [Minister of Finance] Yuval Steinitz
both scum
for the humiliation that disenfranchised citizens go through day in and day out, that take from the poor and give to the rich, and to public servants
those that serve the State of Israel
The National Health Insurance, especially , the manager of their operations, and the manager of their claims department, , on Lincoln Street in Tel Aviv, who illegally seized my work equipment for my truck.
The Haifa National Insurance Institute branch, who abused me for a year until I was granted disability.
That I pay NIS 2300 per month in Health Insurance taxes and even more for my medicine.
I have no money for medicine or rent. I can't make the money after I have paid my millions in taxes I did the army, and until age 46 I did reserve duty
I refuse to be homeless, this is why i am protesting.
Against all the injustices done to me by the State, me and others like me."

confirmed letter source:

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the man in his 40s poured flammable liquid over himself at a protest in Tel Aviv and set himself on fire. He was later rushed to a hospital where he is being treated for serious burns.

The demonstrations were part of an effort to reenergise a protest movement which began last July with complaints about housing prices but quickly shifted to a wide range of social economic issues like high food costs, low wages and better education. Hundreds of thousands of people marched in the demonstrations last year, and protest camps sprouted up in city centres across the country.

About half a million Israelis took to the streets when the protest movement peaked last year. Demonstrations dwindled out soon after the government set up a committee it said would provide solutions to the wide array of social issues plaguing Israelis.

Protest leader Daphni Leef said that little has changed since then.

"When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose they lose it." - Gerald Celente

(Photo: AP/Ben Kelmer)

photo source:
Another Israeli protester self-immolates in Yehud, east of Tel Aviv
[Image: h.sharifi20120722121140077.jpg]
Moshe Silman self-immolated in Tel Aviv during a demonstration against social injustice and high cost of living, July 14, 2012.

Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:4PM GMT

Another Israeli man has set himself on fire in the city of Yehud, two days after an Israeli protester died of burns sustained in self-immolation.

The 45-year-old disabled man self-immolated at a bus stop in Yehud, about 15 kilometers (9 miles) east of Tel Aviv.

Medical sources said the man had burns over about 80 percent of his body.

On Friday, 57-year-old Moshe Silman died of burns he had sustained after he set himself on fire in Tel Aviv last week.

Silman self-immolated on July 14 during a demonstration held to mark the first anniversary of protests against social injustice and high cost of living that swept Israel last summer.
Several demonstrations have been held in support of Silman over the past days.

Demonstrators also attacked and torched the office of the National Insurance Institute in Tel Aviv a few days ago. The institute is blamed for Silman's financial troubles and his self-immolation.

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