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Full Version: Death winds
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As a faithful adherent and activist beginning in 1962 of what was to become the 'New Americanist order' an ultra-conservative organization in their five year plan 1958-1960 to seize total control of United States government apparatus it must
be mentioned that Kennedy and Johnson and many others concerned were very
much aware of the blowing direction of embedded, political and subversive winds.

This powerful domestic subversive movement actively reacted to all Kennedy
government initiatives with creative and destructive propaganda and actions.

Along with their many agents, long in-place, within every agency, service, bureau and elective office, their final death of Kennedy 1960 {1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS} assured a successful government takeover and ability to control it's history. They had seized perpetual power over a bewildered government and confused nation.
Johnson found himself suddenly whisk into fearful service to the New Americanist
order, and resigned after one term as president.

My regret is having agreed with and aiding it!
Harry, is this the John Birch Society's use of the phrase New Americanist?
Gary Severson Wrote:Harry, is this the John Birch Society's use of the phrase New Americanist?
Hi, Gary
The answer is yes, but there is the greater subversive power that
created JBS, allowing it to enter the legitimate political scene via
seizure of Republican Party reigns 1962/3.
I've been around them all my life but your ref. is profound when you say they took over the Rep. Party. I guess I was under the impression they were still fringe. Can you elaborate about the forces that maneuvered them into the leadership of the party. I understand the likely CIA/OSS connections etc. but I'm not sure I've ever seen the details.
Harry, I just googled your material about JBS. I think it contains what i asked about. I remember some of what you a few years back too at JFK Research. Thanks