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Full Version: Maya Angelou says memorial makes MLK look ‘arrogant’
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Maya Angelou says memorial makes MLK look arrogant'
The stone arrangement looks like a gun-sight of sorts. Sort of positioned to shoot King in the back...
Yeah, I don't think too much of the memorial. It really hasn't done the man any justice or captured his spirit at all.
I think a granite stone statue of King sprawled-out on the terrace put on the front grounds of Langley would be much more appropriate...
Facing hte main entrance to the FBI would be most appropriate - as it was much more the FBI that led the assassination, although they were NOT alone in that - and had help from right-wing racist groups, Military Intelligence, other intelligence agencies [likely some CIA], and others. But make no doubt about was the FBI that led the plot along with Military Intel a close coordinated second. Spy