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Full Version: 9/11 Conference in Montreal September 8, 2011
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After 9/11: Ten Years of War - The Truth About What's Going On!

Uploaded by thetruthergirls on Sep 9, 2011

"Here is my summary of the recent conference in Montreal with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Cynthia McKinney, Wayne Madsen, and Mahdi Nazemroaya.
What I learned is that the groundwork for 9/11 and the wars that have ensued as a result of it, was laid in the decades before the attack on the WTC. Our media is lying not only 9/11 and the wars that followed in the Middle-east, but now also Lybia.

Who killed Martin Luther King Jr?

Blog post on conference, more info on speakers

I will be uploading footage from the conference as soon as possible."
Some of the links are bad above. Is the conference in full or in part on the internet? Is the one held in NYC?...or any others?