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Full Version: intelligence service recruited mass-murdering Nazi
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Post-war[/URL] intelligence service recruited mass-murdering Nazi
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Post-war[/URL] intelligence service recruited mass-murdering Nazi

Only odd to tell the story of ONE such former SS man; without mentioning that this was repeated with many thousands of others in the BND and in American and other intelligence agencies.
Quote:Walther Rauff was a senior SS man who had led the working group which developed the mobile gas chamber converted trucks which killed the people in the back with engine exhaust fumes. They were taken to concentration camps through Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

The newly created Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), West Germany's federal intelligence service hired him in 1958, even though he never made a secret of his past, according to the documents seen by Der Spiegel magazine.

The recruitment of Rauff was, "in no way politically or morally defensible," said head of the BND's history research group, Bodo Hechelhammer.

Rauf had fled an Allied prisoner camp after the end of the war and ended up in Chile, where a fellow former SS man Rudolf Oebsger-Röder contacted him on behalf of the BND.

He received generous payments to his work, which took him through South America, although the results were apparently disappointing in 1962 his monthly payment was halved as he had not succeeded in opening intelligence avenues in Castro's Cuba, the documents show.

To be crystal clear, what we are seeing here is Gehlen Org.

Rauff was also part of Pinochet's Torture and Death squads, and - speculatively - may be linked to Colonia Dignidad.