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Full Version: BP: Spill off Scotland could be worst ever
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BP: Spill off Scotland could be worst ever
"Oil giant BP believes a worst-case oil spill nearly a mile below the Atlantic off Scotland would dwarf the U.S. Gulf oil spill, internal documents indicate."

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Ed - this hasn't actually happened.... yet....

Quote:The contingency plans for a worst-case spill from a proposed exploratory well in wildlife-rich British waters off the Shetland Islands indicate a sea-floor oil gusher would spew 75,000 barrels of crude oil a day for 140 days before it could be capped -- more than double the Gulf of Mexico spill's 88-day average 53,000 barrels a day from April 20-July 15, 2010, the documents reviewed by Britain's Independent newspaper indicated.


A BP spokesman told the newspaper the global oil and gas company was required by law to model the worst-case scenario.
Oh, good... phew... but do the planning anyway. I logged on to the White House web site with full name and address in order to ask the POTUS to resign in the face of governmental inaction in the Gulf (for the second time?!) just one month after the event there. I'm sure my voice will carry even less weight in the UK.