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Full Version: Pentagon Can’t Demonstrate Funds Are Being Spent as Intended
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Pentagon Can't Demonstrate Funds Are Being Spent as Intended

October 13th, 2011I wonder if "the terrorists" will blow up the accountants and auditors again…
Via: Center for Public Integrity:
The Pentagon, which previously warned that reliable military spending figures could not be produced until 2017, has discovered that financial ledgers are in worse shape than expected and it may need to spend a billion dollars more to make DOD's financial accounting credible, according to defense officials and congressional sources.
Experts say the Pentagon's accounting has never been reliable. A lengthy effort by the military services to implement new financial systems at a cost so far of more than $6 billion has itself been plagued by overruns and delays, senior defense officials say. The Government Accountability Office said in a report last month that although the services can now fully track incoming appropriations, they still cannot demonstrate their funds are being spent as they should.
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