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Full Version: Psssst. Tired of Hearing about Corruption As Historical Constant?
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This is a good article by the historian Arno Meyer.
Thanks Nathaniel. I liked his closing words to the piece: "...the feast of vultures".
Quote:The 21st century is witnessing the birth of a new concert of nations to be dominated by several great powers, not just one. Although their political systems differ radically, they are all anchored in and driven by a new form of state capitalism.

Thanks for that article Nate. Interesting how he describes it as a 'new form of state capitalism'. If it is it is a different kind used by the Trotskists to dismiss the economic achievements and system of the former USSR and Eastern European states. At least that one gave everyone a house and job and health care and education and subsidised food. All the basics of life. This new fangled 'state capitalism' doesn't do that for the human citizens of the state but it seems to do very well for the corporate entities of the world.