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Full Version: Ernst Titovets' book available at 2011 conventions! New Oswald audio!
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Just an announcement to forum members that Dr. Ernst Titovets,
one of Oswald's closest friends in Minsk will have his book,
Oswald:Russian Episode available for purchase at the Dallas
conventions later this month. Andy from the Last Hurrah will
be handling the book at the conferences. As yet the book
unfortunately is not available in bookstores or online(yet).
In the meantime, Dr. Titovets has a website, with biographical information about the
author as well as links to unpublished snippets of taped
conversations with Oswald made in Minsk.
I encourage you all to visit his website and get in touch
with Andy if you are interested in purchasing the book but
can't attend the conferences.
Thanks Paula,for the information...b
Thank you Paula. Looks most interesting Read